Monday, July 5, 2010

Just for fun

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wonky house bee block
I made one of my blocks for Lynette for our Fresh and Funky Bee.

I surrounded the house by rice fields (like my house), made it gray (like my house), and added a little tree to the side (like my house).  I also tried to wrap the windows (like my house), but I don't love how that looks.

Lynette wanted it to be wonky and free-pieced... I hope she likes it!

I also worked on my surfer boy quilt -- surfer fabrics for a little guy.

Surfer Circle Around WIP

I'll have the top done soon; the back is going to take me a bit longer (it's a fun idea!)  (the top uses Julie/jaybird's Circle Around Design)
(Note: blocks are not in their final order)

And Steiger got an awesome present from his grandparents!

(I'll take pics of it outside soon, but it was over 100 degrees today, and I didn't feel like chasing him!)




Jorie said...

Oh what a genius idea with the tree in the house block!

Cat B said...

I love your wonky house! And the rice fields! I love seeing how we all are coming up with such individuality and can't wait to see the finished quilt!
Your wee man is so lucky!
We had a train ride today which was lots of fun (in the rain) especially for the train mad boys!

Rafael's Mum said...

Wow... that's quite a present!! Love your little house and the surfer quilt..

Fuschia said...

Duuuuuuude! ;)

Megan said...

that child is a-dorable!

traceyjay said...

Hmmm... I'm getting your comments emailed to me, but they won't show up...???

AllieKatMom said...

Very cool present! Wish I had the room to get one of those for my daughter! Love the surfer fabric too, CUTE!

LindaFaye said...

Great "wonky" square. That's probably more along my style. Um... Your boy is amazing and beautiful. Wow. Looks like a great toy that I am glad is in your house and not mine. :)So glad to be connected with you. Maybe one day I'll quilt something and post it.... maybe not...

a little bit biased said...

I love how that surfer boy quilt is coming along! It's going to be such a cute quilt!

Marcia said...

Looks like an amazing present! Wow is he ever going to love that. :)

Sufer Boy quilt is wonderful. So close to being done. I really like the circle with the monkey is it....makes me smile.

Jenn said...

The surfer quilt is great; I'm sure there are lots of people here in San Diego who would love it as there are lots of surfers; it's my pastor's favorite pastime. =)


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