Wednesday, July 21, 2010

this is why I do Christmas in July

Pin It Last week, I had a completely gratuitous mommy post... this one is a completely gratuitous fabric post... with a Christmas-y twist (this will be my Christmas Bee fabric).

Just enjoy.

Christmas bee fabric

The glorious greens

the greens

The really pRetty reds

the reds

The wonderful whites

the whites

All in a circle

a lovely wheel of Christmas fabric

(Fabric collections represented are Michael Miller Christmas 2009 and 2010, Sheri Berry Christmas 2009 and 2010, Riley Blake's Colorful Christmas, Alexander Henry 2009 Christmas, Robert Kaufman Glitzmas and Sparkle All the Way, and Free Spirit's Hallmark Ornaments)

The only trouble is that I still can't exactly decide what to do with all these glorious fabrics yet. 

At present, I'm torn between:

- Dresdens...

 like these from Sherri

or these from Material Obsession

or these from this Barbara Bradenburg pattern

Or these Dresden like "Cartwheels" from Tula Pink

Or this "chubby star" 
(that's what I call it -- I don't know its real name)

Strawberry Fields

And in Camille's Red Velvet pattern

Do y'all think these would look good together?  

They're both kind of "chubby" looking -- I am kind of thinking of making my theme "chubby and fussy and round."  (This could be a bit of my baby fever leaking out).

Anybody have pics of other quilt blocks/designs that make you think "chubby?"


I also finished Natalia's present block for our "Putting the Bee in Christmas" group.

present bee block for Natalia

And here it is with the first star I did.

Natalia's bee blocks together

Natalia wanted to make a "sampler" quilt... she made one particular request (mine was "presents"), and one "whatever" request.  Her quilt is going to be so incredible!  Check out some of the other blocks she'll be getting from some ridiculously creative women that I wish I could meet in real life (meet me at market one day ladies???)

From Karrie

Natalias Block #1

From Rene

Christmas Tree

From Kelly


From Cherie


From Amy

Christmas bee-July

There are more on the group page... go see them... I can't wait to see how Natalia puts them all together...

(Though Steiger might not let me send all of the blocks...he liked this one...)

S tried to steal Natalia's block

He likes all my Christmas fabric actually (either that or it angers him somehow... or he's just emulating Mommy...I really do think he likes it). ;)


Denise :) said...

I have to agree (with starting Christmas in July)! I saw a photo of the block you did for Natalia on her blog; it's darling and I just love it! :)

Luv 2 Kreate said...

I love all the samples you showed. I have a dressen template that has never been opened...If I had to choose a favorite out of those you showed I would say the Tula Pink one! Any of them would be very cute!

Maria said...

My Michael Miller Christmas fabric has just arrived too, all yours looks brill. I really like the cartwheel blocks they remind me of candy canes :)

holly p said...

I'm jealous. I need to buy some Christmas fabric. Yours looks amazing! I know what you can do with it...donate it to me :)

AllieKatMom said...

I think whatever one you choose would look awesome! I love the block you made for the group too!!

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

I love them all! :) I can't wait to make your blocks :)

Jennifer said...

I LOVE the mix of fabrics you have and how well they all seem to work together. I like the cartwheel ones but I think with great fabric like that any of them would be great!

KarrieLyne said...

Market definitely sounds like a plan someday :)

Cat B said...

LOL a market in New Zealand maybe? The titirangi markets are on this weekend . . .
LOVE the fabrics and ALL of the blocks - oh I still have to make my mind up for our BEE - hmmmmm

Jenn said...

I LOVE your presents under the tree block.

Dawn said...

The Christmas blocks are cool! Your son's response to the fabrics has me laughing out loud! What a cute picture! First time at your blog and I love it!

sewtakeahike said...

I'm really liking the cartwheel idea! And I think he is probably feeling a range of emotion with the fabric, a combo of like and anger. Isn't that how quilting goes, love, hate, love, hate....


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