Saturday, July 10, 2010

15 months big you are.

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*Warning: Completely gratuitous mommy post*

15 months big you are...

...and I love sharing my days with you.

Someone asked me once what I was most afraid of missing out on with you.
My response came easily... time.

  • I'm starting to give you nick-names.  S-man, S.J., Steiger - biger boy, pickle, and more.
  • I still wish Daddy had never taught you about soda.  Whenever you see a can now, you start reaching and asking for it.  This was you a back in March... things haven't changed.

  • You're very watchful at first.  When we go somewhere new, you get quiet and reserved and take everything in.  You definitely get this from your dad. 
  • "Elli" is one of your favorite words to say (and you're getting quite good at it).
  • "Elli" is one of your favorite things too.

  • You and she like to sit in this window together.

  • Your other favorite word is "Daddy."  You almost never say "Mama," but I suppose that's because you don't usually need to. 
  • You make this great big "cheeser" of a grin.  It's hilarious.  Always.
on my new toy!

  • From the very first (real-size) quilt-top Mommy made...
Miss Molly's quilt top every quilt since.  You like to be in the middle of the fabric, if I place it on the ground.

(I don't really mind)

  • You like to carry around your snack cup every morning.
  • You also take your milk on the go.

  • You know your own mind, and know when to say "no" or "yes."
  • You're quite a picky eater.  And don't really like vegetables.

  • You're learning to say "Grandma," and love all three of them.  

  • You just started loving to read.  Our current favorite is "Goodnight Moon."  You mostly like to point to the kitties on every page.  Or shrug your shoulders, and tell me "I don't know," when I ask where they are. :)

  • You like hats.

  • And random hat-like objects

  • You now know how to take stuff back and forth to your mom and dad when we ask.
  • You love your bear.
I love the stretch

  • The world falls apart when you're tired (but I can relate)

  • You've outgrown your hairdryer dependence.

  • Your father is glad.
  • You look like your father... especially when you steal his glasses.


  • You make a serious face when you're concentrating

  • But you're usually pretty joyful.  And very charming. And you wave hello to dogs, cats, people, and airplanes.

And we love you SJ.  So much.  

(I started this post when you were 14 months old... I can't believe how big you're getting!). :)


Kristen said...

Absolutely darling!

Cara said...

Too cute! I love mommy posts.

AllieKatMom said...

Ok, he totally looks like an adict in the pepsi
Love the one with him and the dog looking out the window and the one with the tupperware on his head cracked me up. I am thinking "to infinity and beyond!" lol

Maria said...

What a lovely post Tracey, I can't believe that my eldest freya was 15 months when we had our next child Finn, she was still just a baby really :)

Poppyprint said...

sniff. That is such a sweet post Tracey!!! He's a wonder. I too, love the pix with Elli. Precious.

Barbara said...

*Warning: Completely gratuitous mommy post* are MORE than welcome !

Kelly said...

awwwwww, this is a great post! I want to meet him! Too cute!

blueberrymoon said...

He is toooo cute. I miss having a little boy around the house.You are truly blessed!

Kim said...

Awww, he's so cute!

The One and Only said...

OMG - that one pic of him and then the one of his dad at his age, holy moly, they are the same!!! Adorable pics, keep 'em coming :-)

KarrieLyne said...

This post is so heartwarming! I read it twice. It makes me miss when my kids were so young...they are 12 and nearly 9 now. My how times flies....*sigh*

Sarah Craig said...

Tracey, he is just so cute!! I don't blame you for making a gratuitous mommy post at all!

Luv 2 Kreate said...

He has a VERY SWEET smile! What a cutie :)

momto2wasd said...

He's adorable! Little boys are so much fun!!

Donna S. said...

What a cutie!! My grandson is 17 months that age!!

Rafael's Mum said...

He's such a sweetie... and he DOES look like his daddy !!

Angela said...

ahh...maybe I'm too tired, but this is definitely making me tear up! So many memories!

Leah S said...

The hair dryer cracks me up! Just today I've discovered that Caleb calms down when the vacuum is on. Yes, I've contemplated on letting it just run for a few minutes (or hours) of peace. :)

Midnight Mama said...

Love this post. How precious! He is cute cute ... being a farmer's daughter and a farmer's wife ... is your son named after a certain kind of green tractor? just curious.

thanks for your kind words on my bakeshop tute. I'm glad you liked the quilt.

Hugs & stitches,

Kelli said...

Loving the cheesy grin and the serious concentrating face! What a cutie!

Mike Hamilton said...

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Amy Sp said...

This is such a cute post! I don't even know you or him, but I can totally relate to the "moments" that you have posted. Thanks for sharing!

SteffiD said...

He is absolutely adorable! I love the pictures of him with the soda cans! Those pictures are all so priceless.

Fuschia said...


Cat B said...

Awwww proud Mumma post :)
We have Goodnight Moon and Tsunami Phoebe loves it .. .. .. (so does Mummie)
I can totally relate to the world falling apart when tired. We had a night on Thursday when it was "quick just get her into bed fast" .. .. ..
Philosopher Zach is begging us for a dog for his birthday *sigh*


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