Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can't show you much!

Pin It I've spent today's nap-time quilting and working on a couple tutorials you'll see later this month... so I apologize for no new WIP Wednesday.

But I can show you some new fabric.

And  I can show you what Steiger's working on.
Vegetables are a challenge at our house.
Now perhaps you'll know why.

It's my birthday in 2 days.  Last year I wanted sleep (which I didn't get).  This year, I want sewing time.  Priorities change ya know. :)

I'd also like the new version of this when it comes out in June.  Maybe I'll save my birthday money. :)


Fuschia said...

Okay so I watched every, single second of Steiger eating peas...what does that say about my maturity level? lol He's so stinkin' cute!!

Wish I knew how to send you sewing time in a package. :{

elisa024 said...

I can't believe you want to sew over sleep. ;)

I love how that fabric is all wrapped up! I am a little sad I don't get to see Steiger eat peas though, I bet that is adorable.


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