Monday, May 10, 2010


Pin It Remember this?

It was originally for this.

And I made these.

And I just could. not. do. it. any. more.

I love the look of those cutie paint-box blocks, but for some reason, hated the process.  I kept having to trim.  And I just hated making them.

So I added this.

And with my sewing time that the darling hubs gave me yesterday, I made this.  

I ♥ it so much more.

Sometimes you just have to adapt your original plan.  This is me telling you to go ahead and do that if there is something you love the idea of, but hate the process.

(If you would like a tutorial for these blocks, leave me a comment, and I'll throw one together... it's an adaptation of the string quilt.  I love string quilts, but hated the thought of the process with all that paper piecing... this is all strip pieced)


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Deanna said...

I love string quilts! They have a spontaneous enthusiasm all their own. And, so far at least, I don't get bored working on them.

Jackie Davis said...

I love it. I would like your tutorial if possible. At first I thought you added more borders to the paintboxes but thinking no after further review. heehee

Kristin said...

I love it and I have the fabric sitting in my drawer begging to be used :) Would love a tutorial!!

Anonymous said...

yes a tutorial would be nice and i likes the many colors and the use of fabrics. Carol

Wonky Girl said...

We all love tutorials!

Andrea said...

Yes please!! I would LOVE a tutorial! I have fabric begging to be used!!

Carolyn said...

this looks great. a tutorial would be great. I love using odd material and making something wonderful looking.


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