Monday, February 4, 2013

sprucing up. (and last day of sale)

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Reminder: you have a few more days to link up with February's "Just Three" goals!

Bummer about those Niners, huh?  I suppose two huge comebacks for two games in a row was asking a bit much... During the game, I was able to get all my template sets organized to ship, and a new quilt laid out at least, so it wasn't all a loss. :)

And I updated my blog header.

Not a huge change --

This was the old one:

It's also the last day to get all patterns and acrylic template sets on sale (also on Craftsy).  20% off through Monday!  A great big thank you to those who placed an order... I'd like to say I am doing something glamorous with the proceeds, (you know, like buying fabric), but it's being reinvested in to what I hope can be a growing little business one day.  Everything is definitely in the just starting out phase, but a girl can dream!  So thank you!  I really am grateful! ♥

I've also been listing some destash items if you want to check those out!


Marit said...

Ooo, need to work on setting my goals before the month is half over! Glad to hear your sale is going well:)

Kirsten said...

Love your new blog header - really beautiful quilts and such a sweet pic of your children.


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