Monday, February 25, 2013

a little swap with friends

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It has been a week (or so!)

We got hit by the tummy flu.  It was brutal.  First time the kids have had a bad tummy bug, and they got hit hard the poor sweeties. ♥

That, and a bit of a health journey I'm on (hoping to blog more about it soon!), have taken up the majority of my sewing and blogging time.  (I have pickles on my counter fermenting right now).

BUT -- I got a little done.

I have a group of dear friends who got together in Atlanta this past weekend, and though I didn't get to go, they did include me in their gift exchange...

I sewed a little bag. (Pattern is in this book: Fabric-by-Fabric One-Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Projects Using Cottons, Knits, Voiles, Corduroy, Fleece, Flannel, Home Dec, Oilcloth, Wool, and Beyond)
  I love this echino blue polka dot!  This went to the lovely Angela.  She loves blue, and classy styles.  And I thought the pleats were cute.

my gifts for Angela

And though I screwed up the gussets on the little pouch, I hope it still works!  (I figure she can give it to Caitlyn to use) ;)  That was my prototype, but I didn't have time to make it again sadly!

Kelly sent me a package of a cute, cute bag and little pouch.  They suit me perfectly, and the little posy fat quarters are my favorite color right now.  Thank you friend! ♥

my gifts from Kelly!

Before the next gathering, I need to sell some quilts or something... it just stinks to have bosom friends who are so geographically far away!

The ladies called me while they were opening gifts and included me in the exchange (sweet, huh?).  I can't lie -- I started tearing up partway through.  My heart still aches a little that I was so far away...

Anyway - Hi to all of you!  The kids finally had a little bit more of an appetite yesterday and today (hallelujah!), so we are close to back to normal!  I also got out of the house yesterday for the first time since last Saturday.  Grocery shopping never felt so good.

(I've also listed a few destash items - if you want to take a look).


Kate said...

Poor munchkins! Good luck with the health kick :-)

Kristie said...

We missed you so much!! We look forward to seeing you next time. xoxo

Kelsey said...

Love the bag :) Are they dill pickles?!

katie@stvital said...

Sorry to hear about your sick kiddies. This blog world is so small, I just finished reading about the Atlanta trip on a Kristie's blog. I met her recently.

Angela said...

I love my bag!!! We were soooooo sad that you couldn't be there. You were definitely missed!

Katy Cameron said...

Gorgeous swap items, sorry you couldn't do it in person

Meghan said...

So sorry you could not be there in person....but that is so sweet to still be included from far away! It is hard to be so far away from friends. That is one lesson I have learned as a military wife :)!!


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