Thursday, January 31, 2013

February - Just Three!

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As 2012 was winding down, I had considered having a little "Finish by February" blog event, in which I listed my old WIPs that I wanted to finish.  But now I'm glad I didn't!  Because it's already February, and my to-do list is NOT shrinking.  

So last month's report!

January's goals:

1) Something old -

I published my Cosmic pattern!  It took a lot of brain work, but became something I'm really proud of.  

Cosmic quilt

I am running a promotion on all my patterns (they're all 20% off right now), with a really good deal on the pattern and templates bundle.  It will run through Monday, February 4 if you want to get it on sale.

2) Something new - 

I've got a new design I'm playing with, that I'm having fun doing... using these fabrics.  When I was pulling them, I didn't realize they were such a rainbow.  The palette was inspired by Pantone's color of the year and some of their Spring 2013 colors.

new stack

I finished this quilt and have named it Starcrossed.  I will show it to you soon!

 I'm so excited about this one.  Thanks to so many of you, I have all the blocks, and I was organizing them the other night, and need to find a lay-out.  But trust me -- they're so cute!

My backing fabric came for this today, and I seriously do not think I could be happier with how it turned out.  I want to send it for Valentine's day, so perhaps I will be quilting while the Super Bowl is on (though I doubt it, because I am a Niners girl) :)

Scrappy sprouts

Overall, I was really happy with this month's progress.  It felt like real progress -- part fun, part business, and part generous.



1)  Hmmm... I am thinking I want to finish my Chubby Stars.  I feel like it needs to be on my couch.  If not that quilt, then another old WIP.  Maybe if I do one/month I will get them all done this year. :)

2) A couple little swap gifts -- I am making a pillow for Crystal, and a surprise for some of my quilty ladies who will be gathering without me (darn high cost of plane tickets!)  

3) A super fun quilt that uses these:

AMH rainbow!

This quilt is a complete fabric love project, and totally indulgent.  But tricky to do without a baby girl who is willing to leave Mommy's fabric alone.  I might have to leave the house for a day or so to get this one done!

OK. Rules.

1) Pick three goals or priorities for the month (overachievers are welcome, just don't rub it in to the rest of us) ;)
2) Make a blog post about it.
3) Link up here, and please mention you're linking here or add a button to your post (buttons are over there; you might have to scroll down ------>)

Go visit the other reports!  They're fun!

Link up!

(p.s. I apologize for all the repeats of pics in this post; I realized I have nothing original, and maybe *maybe* I will remedy that in the morning.)


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

LOL... please don't apologize for showing those gorgeous pictures again! I love looking at them.

~Diana said...

I've been eyeing the fabrics that you used in Cosmic...very nice design! I think Chelsa's Scrappy Sprouts would make a fun single row wall hanging for spring!

Katy Cameron said...

Loving the look of the fabric indulgence WIP! Good luck :o)

Heidi Grohs said...

Made it this month!!! I love seeing ALL of those things again. And let's be real...we all have repetitive photos if we have little ones wandering the house like we do!!!!


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