Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Steiger turns three today.

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They aren't lying when they say it goes fast.

Now a little more about you:

You can turn anything in to a gun or a light saber, or both. (Yesterday we searched all over the front lawn for just the right light saber stick, for example).

You make your sister laugh more than any one else can.

You want Mommy and Daddy to tell you stories at rest time and bed time.  Usually about Star Wars, but sometimes about things that happen in your daily life.

You like Elli to sleep on the floor by you at night.

Yes, you sleep on a mat on the floor right now -- at least for another couple days until we paint your newly-walled in room.

You use the right words for things, and notice everything.  When you were not yet 2 1/2 for example, we drove by a harvester moving between fields.  You explained to me, "That's a harvester.  It has tracks on it.  It doesn't have a header."  Heavy machinery is not just a tractor to you -- it's a "skid steer" or a "cement mixer," or a "dump truck" or a "bank out," or a "John Deere tractor," or a "big Steiger tractor," etc.  I would expect no less though from a farm boy named after said tractor.  Daddy loves it best when you say "cement mixer."

You conjugate your verbs beautifully... makes me think maybe you were listening to class in utero. ;)

You're a constant running commentator to your mama, but more quiet around other people.

You don't like it when Mom and Dad argue, and tell us, "Come on People."  It usually makes us laugh.

You love to visit your grandparents and even talk to them on the phone.  You're Grandma Cathy's "Buddy Boy," and Grandpa Bill's "Mighty Pickle."

You like to watch the "singers" on American Idol and other such shows and dance with your mommy while they sing.  (Mommy relishes all of it).

You constantly are negotiating for "two more minutes."  I just factor it in instead of arguing.

You especially use this tactic when playing Curious George games on the computer.

You get really excited when you see "Super Letters" and can readily identify X, O, and a few more in context.

You're successfully wearing underwear at home now (this is a big thank you from me Buddy).

We got here by putting your little toilet in front of Star Wars and letting you watch.  I'm OK with that.  You really love watching Star Wars Clone Wars.

You know how to put your movies on without any help; this comes in very handy when I need to get Scarlet down for a nap.

You're sweet, but can be VERY strong-willed and stubborn.  Getting you to try new foods is a major challenge -- you DO eat cheeseburgers, hot dogs and "spicy" hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly, avocado, applesauce (with cheater veggies mixed in), french toast, and a few other things... but if you're reading this Steiger, Mama would love you to branch out a bit... but no pressure, because I know that will just make this take even longer.

OK, you're actually really sweet.

 You have named your bears Big Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear, Little Tiny Bear, Big Bear, and
Sugar Diaper.

You laugh boisterously, with gales of giggles and squeals.  You love being chased, and tickled, and teased.

You like building forts and "houses" with things like Elli's cage, the couch cushions, quilts, and whatever else you can find.

You use all the words your mama teaches you, and stop to think how to use them correctly.  You do this without any coaching or prompting from me.

You say "please," "thank you," and "no thank you" with very few reminders.

You tell me how you feel with those words: "I'm just frustrated Mom."  "I'm feeling sad right now; I need a snuggle."  "I'm really mad at you because you put me in time out."  "I'm so excited to go with you!"

I'm hoping your future wife will thank me for this emotional intelligence down the road.

You teach your sister about the things you're using and explain them to her.  You help me make sure that little things are away from her, and give her something to play with if she takes your toys.

You know Steiger -- my favorite thing about being a mom has been seeing a well loved little soul grow and develop.  You are a delight to my heart daily, and even though your entry in to the world wasn't easy, your time spent in it has been perfect.  I love sharing my days with you.  I told you the other day, "I love being your mama Steiger."  You replied, "I love being your son."

♥ ♥ ♥


Cille said...

Awwww.... Happy birthday to Steiger. I'm sure he will be spoiled rotten today with cake and gifts. Enjoy :)

Charlotte said...

Happy birthday! My daughter is 12 today - it's a good day for birthdays :-D

♥Duff said...

What a lovely, heartfelt, touching memoir! I hope you are saving things he says in a book somewhere so you can laugh and smile all over again...and someday he will with his children.♥

Cognitively, identifying examples of something as well as non-examples of them in the same memory node is an early sign of how expert learners scaffold information. congrats! he was listening in utero!

holly | bijou lovely said...

Happy birthday Steiger! This is such a sweet post :)

Erika L. said...

I hope you print that photo for his baby book with the notes on it!

CJ said...

Happy Birthday Steiger!
Yes the time does fly by, enjoy every moment. :)

Katrina said...

What a great post! =)

Kristie said...

"Come on, People!". My 4 year old says that, too! Love it! :)

sandra said...

Happy Birthday Steiger, what a sweet little guy you have become, and a wonderful big brother.

Katy Cameron said...

Happy birthday wee man :o)

PHershy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PHershyHays said...

Happy Birthday Steiger!

felicity said...

"I love being your son"? That made me cry, Steiger! Best birthday wishes to big S and to his Mama and Daddy too.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Steiger! And you're so right, it goes terribly fast, and memoires like this are a wonderful way to remember a snapshot moment in your families history. xx

Dana Gaffney said...

Beautiful. Happy Birthday Steiger.

epban said...

Hope you all enjoy his 3rd birthday!

sewtakeahike said...

this is such a sweet, sweet post! I love the "come on people" story. So cute.


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