Friday, April 6, 2012

ACK! they're cute!

Pin It You can still link up to the "Just 3" goals for April!  It'll be open until Sunday I believe... it's been fun seeing your goals!

So many of us waited so long to sew with these cute little seedlings from Flea Market Fancy.

It felt really good cutting in to my own and making something. :)

I started on my first of my "Just 3" goals the past couple nights.  I haven't had a lot of time to sew, but I got a few blocks for the baby size of my next pattern, "Penny Candy" done.

"Penny Candy" baby blocks

Really though -- these blocks are so happy and fun for me to piece, and I love using up the new flea market fancy bits, with some katie jump rope.

My friend Kelly has started a new quilt along called "My Precious" Quilt Along.  I'm going to add this to the group.



Today being Good Friday has me highly contemplative... not just because of its Christian story, but because Steiger was born three Good Fridays ago, in the operating room after 26 hours of labor... This is just a big week of remembering for me.  First today, then Scarlet will be six months old tomorrow, then on April 8 not only is it Easter, but Jay asked me to marry him six years ago... Steiger turns three on Tuesday (!!!).  This mama's heart is full right now.  I suppose you can be expecting a sentimental post or two from me in the next week. ;)

All that and we're remodeling to give Steiger a bedroom.  Tomorrow the contractor will be putting in a wall and moving the door, and Scarlet will be moving in to Steiger's old room (and maybe out of our room if I can bear for her to be that far away).  

I have two rooms to re-decorate (and decorating is not my strongest suit), but I'm looking forward to it!  (and just need to recruit some painters). ;)

Blessings of New Life and Hope to all of you this weekend...

I love my babies
they look so serious here, but I just loved how he was holding her while watching cartoons, and she was so relaxed... ♥


Katy Cameron said...

Well at least you can remember your son's birthday, a friend of my mum's had her son on Easter Sunday, and could never remember the actual date, so he always had to celebrate whenever Easter Sunday was!

Love the look of the new pattern though

♥Duff said...

April is such a memorable month for you! I bet your heart is just swelled with love right now, which is also sewn into everything you make.
I think the 2-cutiepatooties pic is adorable!!

Katie B. said...

Happy Easter, T! I cannot believe your girl is 6 months old!

Karen said...

Hi Tracey! Congrats to you and your family on the milestones you're celebrating. Please wish Steiger a very happy birthday from me.

I look forward to seeing pictures of the kiddies' new rooms!

Love the picture of Steiger and Scarlet....they look like two peas in a pod, and SO relaxed!

Hugs, Karen

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

You certainly have a LOT going on Tracey and it's all good. Have a blessed weekend. My those two of your always be such good friends.

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

DEUS abençoe seus filhos lindos e tão carinhosos parecem e que continuem.Feliz Páscoa! Muitas Bençãos para vocês.

felicity said...

Happy Easter, Tracey - and happy celebrations all this week.

CJ said...

Such adorable kiddos! I love that photo of them. You have a very full week ahead - enjoy the memories and make some new ones.

Ginette said...

Your children are adorable! Happy Easter to you and your family!

Ginger said...

Ah, but once the painting is done you get to do the stuff you do enjoy - making pillows and quilts and throws!

Kristie said...

So many happy things to celebrate this week! Life is good :)


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