Monday, August 29, 2011

big and boring.

Pin It This post serves a purpose no greater than a way to connect with my bloggy friends.  I have very little sewing related to share, but figured I might say hello anyway. :)

I knew there was a good reason part of me feared the end of pregnancy.

I'm huge.

Here, I'll show you a picture from camping a week or so ago.

You'll never guess what happened to us while we were camping.  
I've whined about this before, but we got attacked by squirrels while we were camping.  


The car is still being worked on, going through insurance takes longer, but at least it's covered.

It cut our little camping adventure short by a day, which was a big bummer, but thankfully, Jay's parents were there to rescue us, and drive us back down the mountain (they had come up to visit for the day).


(I told you I was huge - and no, Steiger wasn't in to the family picture)
In happy news --

- I got the "If it's a boy" quilt basted, and hope to quilt tonight.

- I have two fabric packages coming in the mail this week -- Secret Garden from Sew Love Fabrics (I pre-ordered it), and some Sophie from Burgundy Buttons.  I have been in love with this particular print for quite some time... (and have an entire girly room built around it in my mind).

- I've been swimming almost every day... it feels so good on this belly, and I'm hoping it will keep me in some form of shape for labor. :)

- I've also been napping.  Napping is so sweet. :)

- My friend Amanda is coming to sew with me...yes, the Farmer's wife chica.

Anyway, not much substance here, but I miss everyone. :)

♥, Tracey


Amy said...

You look great Tracey! Baby will be here soon. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new little one. Exciting times!

Barb said...

You look fantastic! It won't be long now and you will be holding your new package of joy. Totally enjoy. Have to hear about those squirrels...

Take care and best wishes!

Angela {fussycut} said...

You = cutest. Hope you feel well and are enjoying your pregnancy. :)

paulette said...

You look fabulous!! And nap now...enough said!! Good luck with the second was a breeze! (and she was 10lbs!)

Megan said...

Awww, so beautiful! I'm so glad to hear Steiger's letting you get some rest. I'm not so glad to hear that the squirrels are back - boo, hiss!

Vesuviusmama said...

I hear you about swimming feeling so good. That was me when I had my first son. I hated coming out of the water because it made me feel so heavy - I could stay in the water all day! You look fantastic - I think pregnancy is beautiful. And good for you for napping! Even now, I know I should sleep more than I do, but I don't want to miss anything!

Katie B. said...

You look so cute! And the squirrels again?? Good grief!

♥Duff said...

Big & Happy! Another great family photo--it's so fun to look back and applaud the skin's elasticity. hahaha! Oh, you so deserve a big honkin' nap!
Sorry to hear about the squirrel conundrum again. are you guys eating nuts in the car and not vacuuming them up or what? eeerrrrr what?

Manda said...

Those little squirrel pests really hace something against you!

Cat said...

Looking perfectly pregnant xxx

Sarah Craig said...

You look gorgeous, Tracey! And it's nice to hear from you again - you're on my thoughts a lot as you get nearer and nearer to delivery!!


Dana Gaffney said...

You look beautiful and healthy. I remember how good swimming felt, plus it's a great way to stay cool. It's so hot to be pregnant in August. Squirrels? really?

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

You look so cute!!

Heidi said...

LOVE that belly!! I feel you though! I get quite big too!

I have never swam in our pool as much as I did before Baby Button was born this past year. I was even trying to climb in in Jan (Houston mind you). Dear hubby knew it felt so good for me to feel a bit weightless!

Enjoy those naps. I always think they are to prepare us for no sleep sooner than later!

Tanya said...

Love big baby bellies!

How exactly do squirrels attack? Never heard of that!

Cherie said...

First of aren't huge! Many of us have been there, and the second baby just seems to look bigger. You look great :) Can't wait to see Baby Boy/Baby Girl!

Regina said...

You look gorgeous! I can't believe the squirrels got you again. They must line your wires with nuts :P I actually mentioned this happening to you to a friend recently. He was complaining about another friend thinking she was crazy because she told him a squirrel ate the wires in her car and that it cost a lot to repair. I let him know that she wasn't crazy.


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