Monday, August 8, 2011

maybe baby boy's quilt top (and belly thoughts/laughs)

Pin It I got it done!  (and I really do have Rapunzel to thank... Mommy's five or more potty trips/night mean Mommy needs a nap when Steiger is napping)

If it's a boy quilt top

Now I need to get myself to JoAnn's, coupon in hand, and buy more batting.  I had 24 yards that are now gone. I *might* have some scraps big enough to finish it though, but I'm pretty sure I used all the baby size ones... (plus I need batting for baby's first quilt)

I'm really glad I cut it up (you can see how it looked before in that link), but I think I'm going to leave the blocks uncut for Steiger's new bed quilt.  Thank you again to Kelly for the inspiration and cutting dimensions. :)

I decided to add a small border in a Steely blue Moda Crossweave... just because I thought it was pretty, and I didn't want the girl quilt to be bigger than the boy quilt.


And now for a few belly thoughts -- 

It has started again.  When I was pregnant with Steiger, I got the comments, 
"Oh, you must be due any day now."  I started lying to people and saying, "yep," after I saw the horrified faces when I replied that I still had a couple months to go.

I even got congratulated on twins AT A BABY STORE OF ALL PLACES!!!

So far, it's the Grandmas (Great-Grandmas for the babies) who have been making the comments...

My own Grandma - "Well I just don't know how you're going to keep growing for two more months; you are huge already."

The Grandma-in-law (while we were getting pics) - "Just don't let her turn sideways..."
still in my jammies this morning


My favorite comments were from when I was pregnant with Steiger, and I was picking up some Chinese takeout for Jay...

(this must be read with a Chinese accent)

"Oh, you must be ready to have baby very soon."

"No, not until April."

"Oh... twins."

"No, just one."

"Well I think Daddy is a very big man then."

(really, I think I'm just short, and baby has nowhere to go but out -- thankfully though, I don't get baby under my ribs; that doesn't sound comfortable)
It felt good to get the quilt top done for (maybe) Baby Boy.  I'm doing my best to prepare for baby's arrival, but unlike with Steiger, there is no room to get ready (baby will be with us and then Steiger and baby will share a room until we move), and things like that.  The pregnancy has been going quite well (for which I'm grateful)... but making this quilt top was kind of emotional for me.  I know it is partially because it is coinciding with the stage in pregnancy where daily life starts to get harder, but I also think it's starting to become more real to me that we're having another baby.  I've been increasingly aware that my Steiger is getting bigger, and life for us will be changing, but also that I will be the one having this baby!  I vacillate between feeling indifferent, excited, and terrified (tell me that's normal).

I am thankful because I have a wonderful midwife I'm working with this time... someone who understands that preparing to have a baby, especially with a hopeful VBAC, involves more than collecting urine, weighing you, and measuring the tummy.  I am grateful she will be on my side when the time comes for baby to come... but I am still pretty nervous about the whole thing.  We previous c-section mamas have different things to navigate while preparing for baby's arrival, especially while living in an area where all the local hospitals "ban" babies from coming out of a vagina.  Labor involves so many unknowns at this point, including where we will be (hospital isn't the friendliest place with aforementioned ban).

This afternoon I'm off to a prenatal yoga class... because Steiger's difficulty with coming out had to do with his position, this will help me move to get that baby turned the right way.  I'm looking forward to everything about it except for the drive (remember, we live out in farm land.).  

I'm feeling quite introspective... anyway...and just praying for a healthy baby with, hopefully, a complication free entry in to the world.  God willing...


Natalie said...

I think your baby belly is perfectly sized! You look beautiful!

Kati said...

Coming from someone who had twins, you do not look like you have two in there.

I have a good friend due any day now. She is just over 5' and does look miserably huge. There is just no where to put that baby. Every time I am with her some brainless person tells her how huge she looks. Seriously, do people think she doesn't understand this and that they need to point it out?

Good luck with the final stretch!

Katie B. said...

I got so many crazy comments when I was pregnant with Luke too! I'm 5 feet tall, and he was over 9 pounds, so there just isn't anywhere for the baby to go! And you look fantastic!

And good luck with the VBAC situation. It sounds like you have a solid plan, and I'm hoping for a healthy and smooth delivery!

Oh, and by the way, I'm in love with your boy quilt!!

(And banning babies coming out of the vagina is about the most absurd thing I've ever heard.)

Rebecca said...

Oh, you look great! I had an uncle that told me I looked huge near the end of my first pregnancy, and that comment still sticks with me. Too bad our human nature is to remember the insensitive ones more than the good ones.

Oh, and the reason I clicked over here from my reader is that quilt ~ LOVE it!

Jennifer said...

that quilt looks great and so do you. some people just don't know when to leave well enough alone!

Manda said...

Sending you best wishes that you have a complication free delivery and a healthy, happy baby! The belly comments made me smile, at least you know baby is growing :)
And baby boy quilt looks fabulous of course! :)

Meghan said...

Your belly is beyond cute (and just perfect in my humble opinion)! The quilt looks great-you guys are getting so close!!!!

Hoping the baby flips in the right direction and the birth will be complication free!

Vesuviusmama said...

I agree that we previous c-section mommies have more to consider, especially since the first pregnancy usually included an element of panic and things not going according to plan. I live where they wouldn't allow a VBAC, and I'd have had to have driven at least an hour to a hospital that would consider it, and I just couldn't. Then, after my 2nd c-section, our local hospital cut out their maternity ward completely. What!?! Sometimes I love living ithe country, but at other times, it can be so infuriatingly limiting! You look great! Be proud of your big baby belly. I miss being pregnant (although I am pretty sure I am done having babies). The cut up blocks look fantastic!

Kelly Irene said...

You look beautiful, Tracey! I think people forget what pregnant women look like. I started getting those comments in June and wasn't due until August (and I'm 5'11")! Babies just take up a lot of space when they have to share it with things like your lungs and intestines.
I'm glad you have a good midwife who you trust. I know yoga helped me a lot as did seeing a chiropractor to make sure I was all nicely aligned for that baby coming out. I will be praying that all goes well including a birth that's a bit closer to God's nice plan for our bodies.

CJ said...

I think you look GREAT! Happy and Healthy!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt! Can you tell us which pattern you used or tell us fabric requirements/cut sizes?? I LOVE IT! The colors are fabulous.

Kelly said...

You look awesome and don't let anyone tell you any different!!!! Love the boy quilt!

Brooke said...

I hear ya on all the comments you've been getting. My person [not-so] favorite is: are you SURE you're not having twins? As if I don't know what's growing inside me!

On a positive note, your quilt top looks fabulous!

Good luck with the VBAC. I've had two via c-section (this one will be my third), and fortunately, didn't have bad experiences with either of them. Although, the second (planned) one was much easier all around.

Oh, and be glad your baby isn't under your ribs. Mine is (and everywhere else) and it's no fun.

Anyway, all of that rambling to say you look beautiful and I hope the rest of your pregnancy and delivery go exactly the way you'd like them to!

Jenn said...

Your quilt top looks great, and so do you. It doesn't look to me like you're due any day.

I'll be praying for you and all that is involved in having your baby.

Stormy Days said...

Is that picture from this pregnancy? You look wonderful! I remember the comments, for some reason you become public property when you're pregnant. It's the strangers that would touch my stomach that really bothered me. You look good and healthy with a wonderful healthy baby belly.

Sarah Craig said...

You look gorgeous, and so does your quilt top!! We'll be praying for a simple, easy and complication-free delivery here!!

Leah S said...

I sure hope you get your VBAC too! I vote showing up at the hospital 9 or 10 cm. What can they DO about that, eh? ;)

On the opposite end, I'm 5'10" and I never got comments about "going to pop" or having twins. Caleb tucked himself so well that a lot of people thought it would be a girl. Or maybe those comments came, and I just didn't hear them due to my deafness. ;)

Kate said...

I think you look great! Love how that quilt turned out too :-)

twin fibers said...

:) You look great! I wish you all the best during the rest of your pregnancy.

Your quilt top is gorgeous and I'm so glad you decided to cut it up! It will be a great quilt for a little boy.

Ducks and Rabbits said...

You go girl! Do everything you can to have this baby the way you want :). I too, got many comments re my belly size - just be proud of your healthy baby!

felicity said...

I'm sorry...a BAN on babies coming out of the vagina? Where do you live, Chile? I kid, I kid but I agree with Katie - it's absurd. I am so crossing my fingers for you that everything goes exactly as you want it. And if it doesn't go exactly as you wanted that the end result of healthy baby and healthy Mama is achieved.

Oh, nice quilt. :)

felicity said...

p.s. there is an acupressure point on the baby toe that is supposed to encourage babies to turn.

♥Duff said...

yeah mama! I don't think you look big at all, especially given that it's hot outside and you should be retaining water like no one's business! You must be keeping hydrated with so many potty breaks, hee hee. Keep taking pictures--look at how you glow!♥
The quilt is adorable--I'm sure it was difficult to cut it up but wow! it came out famously! Then again, you have a good eye for picturing how something will end up after a little slicing and dicing!

Kari said...

Your belly looks great! Good luck with the last weeks and I hope your delivery goes well and is what you want. Oh, and the quilt is gorgeous!

Rylee Kettner said...

Love the finished quilt! Very brave to cut into blocks that looked so amazing in the first place, but totally worth the risk for that finished product!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Tracey, I remember several months after I had Carmen (who is now 22) a student in the library said, Oh, you're expecting? I was oh so upset. Geez, I bet she was embarrassed as I was when I said, actually, no. You look very beautiful and your growing family will fill your space with fun and love. xo Pam

Poppyprint said...

I'm hoping for all those things for you, too. You look gorgeous.

Jamie said...

Ok first of all your quilt is soooo breathtaking! I think it is one of my favorites.
Second, I wish we lived closer!

sandra said...

I think you look beautiful, I am short too and use to get the same comments especially with second baby who was over 10lbs.
The quilt is so sweet and I think you are well prepared.
Good luck the finish line is coming. Blessings

Karen said...

You are looking gorgeous! The quilt looks awesome sliced and diced. It is a fab baby boy quilt.

Needle little Balance said...

The quilt top is just pretty (and don´t listen to those people, most have no clue and just want to say SOMETHING)

Regina said...

Just came by to see how you are. Look at your cute tummy! Love it. I get HUGE while preggo. I gain a ridiculous amount of weight. Sending you awesome VBAC vibes. If I can do it you can do it! I think the key is having an awesome midwife. I couldn't have done it without the two that I had. It also helped that I stayed home so I didn't have any negativity coming from doctors.

Amish Stories said...

Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon county. Have a great weekend folks. Richard from Amish Stories.

Mary said...

Love, love, love the quilt! I liked it before, but it is awesome cut up. Best of luck with your baby' delivery.


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