Wednesday, August 25, 2010

need to do an "I'm grateful" post

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So, most of you know last week was a bit rough...

What I didn't tell you, is that our washing machine also went out, in the middle of doing the camping laundry.  I'm not normally great with laundry anyway (why is fabric so much more fun?), but it's bordering on OOC (out of control) at the moment.

Yesterday, I was intentionally focusing on bits of gratitude... and it was really flowing (I mean seriously -- I was grateful that I could throw away the heel of the bread because it meant we had enough to eat).

This morning, I got in the car to go pick up laundry from my mom, and the Check Engine Light was on... for the third time in six months.  The car is about 1 1/2 years old, with an awesome extended warranty -- that doesn't cover bunnies.

That's right -- I said bunnies.

(We no longer think they're cute)

You see, for reasons I will never understand (it was record breaking heat here yesterday), they like to climb in to the car and chew on the wires that go to the power steering and O2 sensor.  We have already spent $900 on bunnies this year (I actually had to cancel a fabric order after the last time we discovered their dirty work), and I'm feeling pretty sad about the $400 more, on top of the new washing machine (it was already a hand-me-down, and we didn't want to put $$$ in it).

So there you have it.

I need to be grateful again, like I was yesterday...

*deep breath*

I'm grateful for fun people like Krista, who rambles with me about doll quilt woes;
and Natalia, who gets excited for me and even snaps a pic with her cell phone when she sees someone who tried a design of mine;

and then emails me another copy of the tree-skirt her friend made.
(This one Tamara made is hanging in this quilt shop)
(and let's be real here -- I'm grateful there are people out there who like my ideas...not that they're mine 100%; I think everything out there in quilting is just recycled, right?) ;)

and Amy, who I'm hoping will win more than a Go! cutter;
and Kelly, who sends me pretty pieces of linen and cute scraps;
and Erika, who listens to me chat about the fears of mommydom, and even shares some of her own... and...

I'm grateful for pretty Dresden plates, and my new Dresden ruler that can make them even "chubbier" ;)

Quilting Divas Dresden
(For my Quilting Divas group)

I'm grateful that all the cups of clam chowder I ate while here aren't showing on the scale any more.

I'm grateful for my this little darling, who loves to snuggle his bears

loves his bears

and for ice cream on a stick, that can cheer him up when Mommy can't.

ice cream on a stick

And I'm grateful that pickle is sleeping... so I'd better get back to sewing.

And lastly -- I'm grateful that even though we don't have the money for the car and washing machine, I'll be here when he wakes up.

Feel free to make your own grateful list, or add to them in the comments. ;)


Manda said...

I can understand your lack of appreciation for bunnies.. I never thought they would ruin a car! I hope that tomorrow is a better day.

I think this is a good idea though I usually focus on whats going wrong instead of being grateful for things, so today I'm grateful that I managed to put together my ikea chair (And that my sister fiance is kind enough to lend the strength that I don't posess!)

pinksuedeshoe said...

We had our fair share of car problems in the past year as well. Only I can't blame them on bunnies... just the boogie man and the abominable car eater.

I am totally doing this post tomorrow. And I really do think I need to order me one of those rulers!

Kelly said...

I'm grateful for you making this truly inspiring post! :) Hope the rest of your week is bunny free!

Poppyprint said...

Love this Tracey! And back at cha, by the way! I am grateful for so much and often ponder a list in my head. So much inspiration and friendship have come my way since I started blogging last October, so first, I am grateful to my husband who barely resisted when I asked to quit my job and explore creative work for a year. My year is almost up....and some exciting things are happening. I will be very grateful if he agrees to an extension!

Sarah Craig said...

So sorry you've had a rough time of it lately - but I will add that among the things I'm grateful for, I'm grateful for you and the inspiration you provide through your blog (and that wonderful chocolate covered little face!) Keep smilin'!!

joshua said...

I am grateful that you posted this Tracey! Well that, and my family, roof over our heads, the Army,God,simple things,bloggy world friendships and so on!

badlandsquilts said...

Oh, I so understand...sometimes it feels like everything has gone wrong and then something MORE happens. You are right to keep what is important in sight as it keeps everything in perspective.

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

I can't believe that bunnies are so annoying! We've had cats do the same things in cars! :) I'm glad that you liked the pics of your skirts! I seriously got so excited when I saw them, like, hey that's Traceys, I know her!!!!

Julie Rutter said...

That's crazy, I had no idea they'd do that. Cars are such a pain and such a money drain - while being kind of useful too. And I guess the same applies to washing machines.

Hope everything settles down. Your holiday photo of you all is lovely. Juliex

Vesuviusmama said...

There was a local fundraiser to cure kids cancer on the radio station here this weekend, and I was listening along with my son as he finished his summer work. All weekend I was thinking how grateful I am for my children's health, their smiles, the fact that they want to hang out with me all the time (even when I think I want to be alone), and their neverending love, even in the light of my imperfections as a mom.

LindaFaye said...

Sometimes being grateful is a lot of work! It's all about perspective...

Em said...

I am grateful that I can think of too many things to name! And so grateful I reunited with your blog and your cute u and fam!

Tamara and Marc said...

my name is Tamara and I made your tree skirt, the picture Natalia emailed you. I am glad that you liked the tree skirt that I made of yours. I love your patterns and ideas. Thanks for sharing your talent.

SheilaC said...

Oh Tracey!!! I am SO sorry for your bunny troubles! I have heard of cats and squirrels climbing up into cars, but not buns.

I guess this is something that is NOT covered by either house or car insurance???

Can you trap and move them??

Sending waves of positive thoughts and prayers your way!!


Wendy P said...

You need a dog! That will keep the bunnies away.

And if you can't do that, you can have the men in your house pee around the yard.

That is free, at least. And it really works!


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