Monday, August 23, 2010

Chubby Stars quilt along! Fabric info

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Our flickr group is here... don't forget to join and post pictures of your progress!

chubby stars sample

  • Sample blocks done.
  • Fabric requirements figured.
  • I'll post Step one of the Quilt-making process Friday (*hint: strip-piecing for the chain blocks; 1 1/2" strips that make four-patch units for those who can't wait)
The plan is to get the top done in nine weeks. (Yikes!)

(I'm 1/11 of the way there)

Chubby stars first nine

Chubby Star Quilt Along Information

Cal King
70” x 78”
62”  x  86”
86” x 94”
102” square
98” x 108”
Block layout
7 x 8
6 x 9
9 x 10
11 x 11
9 x 11
Snowball blocks
Chain blocks

Fabric requirements

Focal fabrics*
1 ⅔ yd.
1 ⅔ yd.
3 yd.
3 ¼ yd.
3 ⅝ yd.
Star points
1 ½ yd.
1 ½ yd.
2 ½ yd.
3 ⅓ yd.
2 ⅔ yd.
2 yd.
2 yd.
3 yd.
4 yd.
3 ¼ yd.
Chain strips***
1 yd.
1 yd.
1 ¼ yd.
1 ⅝ yd.
1 ½ yd.
Inner border
⅜ yd.
⅜ yd.
½ yd.
½ yd.
½ yd.
Outer border
2 yd.
2 yd.
2 ½ yd.
2 ½ yd.
2 ½ yd.
4 ⅞ yd.
5 ¼ yd.
7 ⅞ yd.
9 yd.
6 ½ yd. + 1 yd. stripped in

* Focal fabrics: 8 ½” squares
        -      Layer cake friendly
        -      Can get four 8 ½” squares from one fat quarter or quarter yard

* Background: Will be cut in to 2 ½” strips; can use bella solids jelly roll (King size will need 1 ½ jelly rolls); also need 1 ½” strips (for chain blocks)

*** Chain strips will be cut in to 1 ½” strips; honey-bun friendly

A few notes on fabric choices:
  • Focal fabrics – can have large scale prints; need to contrast star points; mine are mostly Nicey Jane
quilt planning with Jane
  • Contrast star points – I’m using Kona Stone (and I might plan in a few accent color stars); using all one color will unify and simplify your star points; choose a good contrast solid or blender print
  • Background – I’m using Moda Bella snow (because I already had 3 yards of it on hand); I recommend a solid or neutral – you don’t want anything busy
  • Chain strips – will be 1 ½” strips; honey-bun friendly à I’m using blender pieces from Nicey Jane and other coordinating lines
Fabric info file here.

In this diagram (twin size) you can see how the snowball and Chain blocks interact.

chubby star quilt along

Here is a blank diagram you can print off and color

coloring page!

I don't know how to do fancy-schmancy html coding.  But if you take the space next to the first < out, you can add this button to your blog. :)

chubby stars quilt along banner copy

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Here it is littler:
chubby stars quilt along banner copy

< a href="" title="chubby stars quilt along banner copy by traceyjay, on Flickr">chubby stars quilt along banner copy

(Again -- take the space out between the first < and 'a' -- and I hope it works -- you can also go here and borrow the html in the 'share this' space)

This quilt design was inspired by an amalgamation of:

Inspiration from Material Obsession  

Chubby stars first nine

P.S.  Thanks for all the love and support here.


Vesuviusmama said...

I was telling myself that I was going to sit this one out, but yours is coming along so nicely, I am sorely tempted! I love your fabric selections, and the fact that this can showcase large prints.

Katie B. said...

Wow! No wonder you needed that calculator :)
I feel like I'm getting my syllabus on the first day of class. Can't wait to get home and start picking out fabrics!

Jenn said...

I love the way your quilt looks against the sun; it reminds me of a stained glass window.
I sent you a cleaner version of your pattern that I did in Excel.

Diane said...

I too was going to sit and watch this one, but.... kids started back to school today ann this could be 'the quilt' for my Snadi Henderson fabric collection and hey, I only have about 8 or so projects in progress right now so... and this is so lovely!!!

pinksuedeshoe said...

Um, I pretty much think you are a rockstar. Just thought you should know.

Anonymous said...

That's such a lovely pattern. I think I 'have' to participate LOL. I mentioned it on my blog, may be some more Dutch quilters would like to play.
Thanks so much for orginising this quilt along, it must be a lot of work.
Dutch hugs

AllieKatMom said...

Keep up the good work!!!

Em said...

It has been too long since I have connected with you!!!!!!!!!! I had large prints laid out on the bed today wondering what pattern and then I look up you....hmmmmm, I may have to join you but looks scary to a wonky quilter like me! Your fabric choices are so crisp and breathtaking!

Regina said...

I'm so excited! I couldn't decide on any fabrics for my bedroom that would be masculine enough for my husband to accept but pretty enough for me. So...I'm doing a Christmas quilt for my bedroom. I figure it should ease my husband into the whole idea of me swapping out our bedding and it'll be fun to bring it out every year. I'm going with the 12 days of Christmas line. Pictures to come tomorrow. I wasn't sure how many different fabrics to use so I bought 6 focals and a coordinating for the stars with a cream for the background. Borders to be decided later.

Shawn said...

Oh my your quilt looks very tempting, I love the way the chubby stars showcase fabrics. Thanks for all the planning/requirements.

Mandy said...

Your quilt top looks really beautiful! I love the fabrics!!

Sinta Renee said...

I have all three of those inspiration sources... I love this quilt! I would love to follow along in your quilt along. I am just finishing up another quilt along... so if there is room I would love to play.


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