Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coloring in.

Pin It My friend Jenn, made a much prettier coloring page for you.

chubby stars quilt along banner copy

So for all you chubby star quilt makers/planners -- here you go.

coloring page!


Speaking of coloring in...

I've got a very clever partner, who has some particular tastes.  So I haven't posted photos of my progress from the Doll Quilt Swap 9 in much color yet (let's just say I was getting in touch with my inner 80s child)...

But here you can see what I've been up to.

The plan:

doll quilt bw - the plan

The progress:

bw doll quilt 9 wip

The present state:

dqs9 sneak peek copy

I'm trying to decide on how to quilt the stars... or whether to quilt the stars.  For now I've just started echo quilting in the negative space.  My machine is not good with free-motion, and those little pieces are quite small...  any thoughts?

(And I worked so hard on getting those points just right -- I have to say they are a testament to how my skills are growing.  I used the templates from this magazine.)


a little bit biased said...

Looks great Tracy! Love all the pictures and your graph paper design. Good luck (and congrats on the nice points!)

SheilaC said...

This is looking good.... have your button on my blog. Not sure what fabrics I want to use yet....


Poppyprint said...

I'd say you totally nailed those points, sister! They are perfect!! I had my hopes up (you know, thinking you must be referring to me...clever and all), but I don't think I'm that particular about colour. In fact I cannot even remember what I wrote in my DQS9 sign up email! I'm positive your partner will be very pleased with this beautiful quilt.

Cherie said...

Wow...I am in awe of those points. I totally wish I were your partner!

Diane said...

Your doll quilt is a work of art! Beautiful!


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