Sunday, March 7, 2010

While Jay tilled the ground.

Pin It We're getting a lawn... and a real back yard!

Last night, my husband decided we needed a rototiller, so he could plant a lawn today. So off to Lowe's we went.

Jay started early this morning (notice the weeds where he hasn't tilled)

Now those little seedlings just need to grow, grow, grow!
To pass the time, and enjoy this gorgeous day, Steiger and I took two walks, and even helped a bit at the end (I raked for a while too, but didn't last long!) We also mowed 3/4 of the front lawn, until he fell asleep, and I brought him in... and still he sleeps now. :)

While Steiger was napping this morning, I did some sewing for a sweet little friend's upcoming first birthday.

Her room is pink, green, and ivory... and this suits her perfectly! Her mama said she wanted something shabby chic, and traditional...

I had an Aviary jelly roll I bought on sale last year, because I loved it and wanted to make a daisy chain with it for the little girl I hope to one day have, (and because it was on sale). I also had 3/4 yd. of this beautiful ivory print. I debated just doing a large center piece with a 9-patch border... but then I saw this picture, and changed the design. I pulled out the pink and green pieces from the jelly roll, cut some Moda Bella in Fig Tree cream...

I still need to add a pieced border, but here's what I have so far.

(and yes, I lied... I told you in the last post that I wouldn't start a new quilt until I made curtains... well, we need some hooks and a rod...that sounds like fishing... anyway, Jay agreed that it would be fine to get this one going).

I'm really so happy with it, and have no doubt its new little owner will love it too.

All in all, a beautiful Sunday.


Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Oh, I just love your quilts.

And, Yay for a grass! It was really beautiful on Sunday - our family was outside most of the day and DH built a box for the garden.

Sounds like you had a great day too!

Fuschia said...

Thanks to your inspiration, and my girls getting their rooms cleaned :), the rag quilts I started with the girls TWO YEARS AGO are coming out of the closet today!

Our lawn, however, is another story...maybe hubs could find some inpsiration here as well ;)


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