Monday, March 29, 2010

Help me decide! Which poppies?

Pin It I need to make a valance for the freshly painted bathroom.

I'll probably add a stripe to the top or bottom, but one of these 2 fabrics, Poppy by Laura Gunn, will make the majority of the valance.

So do I go with the green on green look?  With the aqua dots and pinky-red roses?

Or, my favorite of the line... the gray, with spicier red?

The paint is called "Aloe Vera," and is almost the color of honeydew.  Very fresh.


I'm leaning toward the green, because I like the idea of putting aqua in there, and I wouldn't have to take back all the towels I bought at TJ Maxx.


Anonymous said...

Trace, my favorite color is green and I am a FIRM believer that you can never have too much of it. We call the guest room the green room because I live by that rule! I say green!! And I LOVE poppies. Great choice ;)

Anonymous said...

While I like the top ooloring better - the green - I think the second one goes with the paint better. But having said that - my rule of thumb - which one makes you smile when you see it? there's your choice


Fuschia said...

Top one...I hate standing in the return line!

Roslyn said...

My first choice, the green also Tracey, but then the green seems more like a kitchen color to me. Thanks for stopping by my place, I will check back with you, oh & a very happy b'day next week to your darling little chap!

Deb said...

GREEN~ Always green!!


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