Thursday, December 17, 2009

WIP Wednesday (but on Thursday)...

Pin It The Christmas tree is actually the biggest work in progress... it has lights on half of it. (Sort of) funny story... Jay decided to burn the lights with the tree last year. No, I wasn't really impressed, but hey, now we get new fancy LED lights from Costco. But we didn't buy enough. Tomorrow Jay plans to go get more lights, pick up his new glasses, see Avatar, and (perhaps) do some shopping for me.

No fear though... if he doesn't shop for me, I've already purchased plenty for myself. I think I have no less than 6 quilts streaming around in my brain.
Now for the ones I've been working on!

I finished the binding on my mom's (wreckuva) quilt. There are some advantages to presbyopia, as she doesn't really notice the minty thread. I have 2 more smallish ones to bind before Dec. 23.

Steiger's blocks are finished, and they just need sashing. I think I'm going to go with a chocolate brown. He's very excited about this, as you can see.

I joined a "block of the month" club a few months ago. I finally got to Block 7

and 6 this week. My goal is to have Blocks 1-5 done this week...uh, month.

In a week, a dear friend of mine will find out if she's having a little boy, or a little girl. That will probably be the quilt I start next. But who knows (I'm rooting for girl because I have some great fabric already). :)
Steiger and the dog have got a great working relationship going already. Yes, he is feeding her cheerios.

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Liz said...

That is my favorite picture of Steiger! What a happy baby. Were you able to fix your mom's quilt, I hope?

Pepper can't wait for Adrian to start feeding him!


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