Tuesday, December 29, 2009

WIP Wednesday - All I got for Christmas.

Pin It Daddy bought himself a PS3. Mommy bought herself fabric. Lots of fabric.

I have a few works in progress.

I still need to get the sashing for Steiger's quilt done (scroll down on page).
Then I need to use this amazing Kona color card to figure out some coordinating solids for the fabric I bought. Fabricshack.com is having a 15% off everything sale for the rest of the week... but, there are 221 different colors on this thing! It's amazing! (I got it here, if you're interested in one of your very own).

I'm going to make some little wall decorations to go with Steiger's quilt... that way, I can practice the actual quilting on the small stuff before I go to his. I really do want his to turn out! Look for pictures soon...
On Saturday, I got one of my Christmas orders (sure, a little late, but I'm not complaining). It's pieces of Lecien's floral collection. I've been wanting to try pieced hexagons, so I began cutting. I originally saw it in this book, but it calls for 10" squares, and I didn't want something that big. I saw a variation here, and then really wanted to make it. My version is a sickeningly sweet, very pastel baby quilt. And I love it. There is very little contrast, but I think once I add my white minky to the back (I want to practice quilting something with minky before I make Steiger's), it will be oh so precious and waitingforthebabygirlIhopetohaveoneday.

Now for a little fabric love.
Each time I buy fabric, I've decided to throw in 1/2 yard for my stash. It's growing nicely, methinks.

These are for some little alphabet books I want to make.

I saw this quilt made with hedgerows a while back, and wanted to try it. This is the fabric for my version.

And I got my first very own full-sized moda fat quarter bundle. It's from the Blush line by Basic grey... I have a few ideas of what I'd like to make with it...that is, if I can muster the courage to untie that ribbon and unbundle its little organized perfection.

The last one reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake...but it's called Caramel Town Charlotte. I think I had to get it because it also reminded me of my days in Taiwan... "hao ke ai!" (how cute! as my students would say... they all loved Japanese stuff, which is where this fabric is made)
And because I always have to show off the baby... and his daddy... and the doggie too.
Dont' forget, you have until the end of the week to enter the miniquilt giveaway!


Jamie said...

Love your fabric stash. How long have you been sewing and quilting? I am in craft-awe. You have like a total girl skill I wish I had. I will learn someday and have a cool stash like yours!

Your Steiger is looking darling and chubbily wubbily. Squish for baby!

Liz (BOF) said...

Lots of fabric! Can't wait to see what you do with it all!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Such lovely fabric. Your quilt looks so pretty -- and your little one is too cute!


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