Monday, December 21, 2009


Pin It Finally, it feels like it.
- I've been banned from the laundry room (such a pity, don'tchathink?) so that Jay can hide my presents in there.
- In the death to my computer a couple months ago, I also lost my Christmas music. So I downloaded some from amazon today. Can I please recommend this number. It's had me bawling all evening...but the good kind of crying.
- Finished my Christmas quilts
- Finished my Christmas shopping (thank you again amazon).
- We have our festive little corner of the house. (which I'd show you, but apparently my computer doesn't want to recognize the photodrive, and I don't want to wake up Steiger again by the beep when it restarts... grr... yes, I've already done this once tonight; he's a light sleeper, like his mama)...

Here are my Christmasy quilts. They happen to be gifts for the in-laws.
The first one I started last year, but being round and pregnant, I got too uncomfortable sitting at the tall dining room table which I use as a sewing station, so I abandoned it. It was improvised to a finish this year. (Ignore the man behind the curtain)

It's jolly and whimsical. And intended for an amazing scrap-booker, so I hope she likes it.
The next one was inspired by this. The fabric line is really cute, and I'm having a hard time not keeping this for myself. But alas, I will be strong, and use this to justify buying more fabric for next year.

Steiger's quilt is coming along. I notice, by this picture though, that I need to change out the far left block of the third row. Chocolate sashing is in the works. The back is minky; I hope he likes it.

Here's a smile for you.

Merry Christmas.


Liz :p said...

I hope your inlaws don't read your blog or they'll know what they're getting!!!

rachel griffith said...

your figgy pudding christmas table topper is SO cute.
good job.

vetstudentjenn said...

Of course I read your blog! I was one of the ones who suggested you do one!!!!

Cara said...

I've seen some cute quilts ~ but yours take the cake. WOW! I'm lucky if a pillowcase turns out well :-)

Sharon said...

I love the pic of you holding Steiger by the tree. Your quilts are beautiful!

Sue Cahill said...

Your christmas quilts are very special, I think you did a fantastic job on them. I'm sure they will be tresured forever.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Andrea C. said...

How are you so organized and crafty???


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