Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a look in to Scarlet's room

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Bless my husband.
He really hates painting, but the last couple weekends, he finished up painting Scarlet's room (it wasn't working with what it was before).

Scarlet's room

The color is "Blanket" from Lowe's. It's somewhere between a mint and aqua. One of the "Kid-friendly" color areas (you know, where they have all the individual swatches instead of the ones that are on the card in a set). White for the trim.

It used to be painted a beige, with a chocolate brown trim from when Steiger had this room. I re-painted just the bottom section a honeysuckle pink, but wasn't terribly happy with it. But Jay hates painting, so it remained that way for over a year.

It makes me so much happier now!

There's still nothing on the walls (except in one spot, and it's only there because it fit the existing screws in the wall.)

on the wall

I plan to paint this frame white.  And put a few more things on the walls. And no, the changing table no longer gets used as a changing table.

Her room has a bit of an eclectic mix of pieces. Next to her crib is the dresser I used growing up. It's so pretty.  And the first quilt I made her is in there ( the one I made before I knew for sure she was a she).

(You can see her crib sheet here. And a tutorial for the mobile here.)

Scarlet's room

Her other quilt sits on our rocking chair. I rocked and nursed both my babes to sleep in that chair. ♥

Scarlet's patchwork curtains

So her room isn't finished, but is still sweet with little touches from her mama. And her daddy who loves her mama enough to re-paint. And clean out her closet too.


Now back to finishing this quilt so another little girl can re-do her room!

quilting in progress


Tatkis said...

Absolutely charming room, I love the wall colour and quils are wonderful!


Tessa Marie said...

The room is so sweet and Yayy for husbands who paint. Those curtains are the cutest I have ever seen. Hands down!!

Pieces to Love said...

What a darling room. It looks so cozy and can definitely grow with her for a few years now.

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

So cute! I love the patchwork curtains, what a fabulous idea! :)

Svetlana said...

awww, what an adorably sweet room.

Heidi Staples said...

So incredibly sweet. I just love those curtains and all those beautiful quilts. My three girls would absolutely swoon over this room!

Katy Cameron said...

Looking great! My dad wouldn't know one end of a paint brush from another, but when I was growing up, I knew exactly what my mum (a teacher) and I would be doing in at least one of the school holidays - painting a room! Took my dad 3 years once to notice we'd repainted the kitchen...

Meghan said...

Aww those Curtains. I love her room-so lucky to have a momma like you to put all that time in effort into her surroundings.

Meghan said...

Aww those Curtains. I love her room-so lucky to have a momma like you to put all that time in effort into her surroundings.

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

What a sweet room for your daughter! I love all the patchwork, especially those lovely curtains!!


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