Wednesday, April 10, 2013

my Steiger is four.

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Steiger four

Today my little man turned four.

Last night, while Daddy tucked him in, he was asking "Will I feel different when I'm 4?"

Steiger, this is a little about you:

I bought you a wii game today.  It is your second one.  Your other one is Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
   This is LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars You danced around for five minutes while we loaded the game.  You're jabbering on and on about "you know how I play the wii?  It's Star Wars Clone wars!  It's Clone Wars!  You got me a new wii game!  I haven't had a new wii game in all my life!  I know Star Wars Clone Wars."

You don't hold back your excitement.

Yesterday, Scarlet was whining at me and pulling on my legs while I was getting breakfast ready.  In not my nicest voice, I said, "Stop whining at me!  I can't help you when you're whining at me!"   You were in the living room, walked over to Scarlet, and gave her a big hug.  I was instantly softened, and humbled.  Thank you for loving your sister so much.  You have been this way from when she was brand new, and it is a special answered prayer for me to see.

You go through cycles of testing your boundaries and powers of manipulation.  Getting you to "fold" and put away your clothes the other day was a prime example of that.  You worked to come up with every excuse you could about why you couldn't.  Four time-outs and the collecting of your Bot-Shots and you finally tackled the job.

You're much more enthusiastic about other jobs.  You feed the doggie every night.  You help Scarlet fill up her water.  You and Scarlet empty the silverware (she hands you the items; you put them in the right spot).  You like to use the squirter while washing dishes.  You love helping in the garden.

You give Scarlet, Mom, and Dad lots of hugs during the day.

You love to be tickled and thrown around by Dad.

You like getting Scarlet to say things after you.

When you dance, you shake your booty like a Latin ballroom dancer.  (You just don't want anyone except your family to see).

You still love to go stay at your Grandma and Grandpa's house.

We recently started reading through the The Jesus Storybook Bible Collector's Edition Every night now you ask to read from your Bible Story book.  After we read, you want to snuggle.

You give your sister a kiss night-night, and you both give the cutest pucker-up face... ♥

You love to play Star Wars outside.  We go to "your hill" (which is a little ditch levee) and get those droids! (because we only shoot droids).  Sometimes we're power rangers.

Words is your love language.  You say things like, "Mommy, you're the best Mommy."  and "I love you Daddy" and "Isn't Scarlet such a little sweetheart?" and "Mommy, thank you for making me such good things for dinner" or "Thank you for getting me a birthday present Mommy."  You thrive on praise, and hand it out freely.

We took you bowling a few days ago for your little birthday party.  You told everyone what a great job they were doing.  My heart was beaming.

You wanted to ride in the tractor with Daddy today.  You stayed with him for about 4 hours before I came to get you.  You really looked like his miniature, with your "work shirt" and "jeans" and hat.

You know 23 of your 26 letters - M and W still give you trouble, and I can't remember what else right now; we'll have to check again tomorrow.

You're great with numbers.  I didn't even teach you the digits, and one day you just read them to me.

You want everything quantified... how many minutes, how many bites, how long something takes.  It does make me batty, and I'm hoping it's a stage.

You sleep in your big bed, but occasionally sneak in and lay on the floor next to our bed, or climb up next to Daddy.

We finally got a little table to eat on (since Mommy's sewing set-up takes up where the dining room table used to be), and you love it when we all eat dinner together "as a family."  You actually love it when we do anything all together as a family.

Steiger, I tell you my "secret" every day that you are my favorite little boy in the whole world and I love being your mommy.  You are a JOY. Truly.  Your heart; your love; your spunk.  Four years old, and still, after you're in bed, Daddy and I talk about your antics and quirks and spirit and how blessed we are with you in our lives.  And since you would ask how much I love you - it's bigger than the whole sky.

And you would say you love me the same.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy.


Allison said...

Happy birthday to one of the sweetest and cutest little boys born on this day. :)

Dianne said...

Okay now I am crying! Happy tears for you but you should know that tears do not come easily to my eyes.
Happy Birthday Steiger you are a very fortunate boy to have such a mother as yours.

felicity said...

My eyes are brimming too - Steiger is lucky to have a mama like you.

Gina said...

Such a sweet post!! Happy Birthday to your little guy!!

Charlotte said...

beautiful post! Happy birthday to your sweet boy.

CJ said...

Ack, this made me cry! I think my little boy just turned 4...oh wait, no, that can't be as he'll turn 21 in June. Enjoy each and every day with your sweet boy!

Judee said...

WOW----that was a delightful read- thank you for sharing your love of family with us.

Dana Gaffney said...

So beautiful Tracey. Happy Birthday Steiger!

Kristie said...

I love, love, love how you do this. These moments are so fleeting, it is so wonderful to record them. I feel like I am in your kitchen with you right now and I love it! Thanks for this picture you have painted of your sweet boy, and happy (belated) birthday Steiger!

Cindy said...

So sweet! He's a cutie!

Regina said...

Love this!!! What a great snapshot of this stage in his life.

Lisa E said...

Enjoy all the precious moments with Steiger. I really loved your post.

Francis Paul said...

'gefeliciteerd' as we say in Dutch with your son's birthday. His name Steiger is a Dutch word too, it's not a name here because it means means scaffolding....:-)

Katy Cameron said...

Happy birthday to the wee man

Sarah Craig said...

Awww!! That's so sweet!! Happy birthday, Steiger!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the big boy!

Sarah said...

Beautiful words Tracey! Happy Birthday to your lovely little man. Was his birthday on the 9th? That was my birthday (36) too! My little Elijah was 4 in February, and in some ways they sound quite similar. Elijah's a numbers man too. I don't think it's a stage I'm afraid. I think it's his area of strength. He's really wanting to tell time coz he's always asking those same questions about time, looking at the clock and then telling me the numbers. I'm growing patience for it!

Poppyprint said...

Aw, you are such a sweet momma Tracey. Your children are so fortunate.


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