Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October - Just Three!

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I'm in denial that it's really October.
This morning, I woke up extra early to go to the bathroom, and it suddenly hit me...
my baby girl is going to be 1 on Sunday! I of course couldn't fall back to sleep then, because my heart and mind were too full...
*sniff sniff*

Oh baby... how did you get so big???
You can be expecting a full, sappier than sappy blog post coming soon, I'm sure.

BUT -- she is a joy to watch grow.  And she and her brother are too sweet with one another...so alas, I will have the strength to face that, indeed, October started yesterday.

And here is my "Just Three" report.

traceyjay quilts

From last month:

1) Make a little Strawberry Shortcake for Scarlet's birthday, as well as a little dress for her Birthday Buddy (Scarlet has a little friend who lives far away who was born the same day as her -- little Addison will be getting a Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday dress). :)

Scarlet's birthday dress is in progress here, and birthday buddy dress just needs bloomers and it's done!  I completed this practice version of her friend's birthday dress to make sure it worked!

It did. :)

little lou lou dress

2) Publish my "Linky Love" pattern.  (So excited!)

This is done!  You can find the pattern here, or here for instant download. :)
I still want to re-make this one... in Tula's Birds & Bees fabric... 

Kelly was testing it for me, and I think I want to make one of my own too.

Round 2 complete! Feel free to harass Traceyjay to hurry up and list her pattern! ;)

3) Stay on track with the Treasure Boxes quilt, and also show you the finished Chubby Stars! :)

I've got all my cutting for Treasure Boxes done -- so I'm technically on track! :)  We're working on piecing now!  Join us in the group!


Now for October:

1) Finish playing with these pretty fabrics, and get this quilt for Laura Gunn done, sent to Lindsay for quilting, and off to Quilt Market!  It will also have a pattern!

Laura Gunn Cosmos

2)  Give my baby girl a handmade birthday.  She needs a dolly, and a dress.  I need to get started on some little handmade Christmas something's for Steiger as well.

3)  Make my pillow talk pillow!

I was helpless to resist.  I signed up for the Pillow Talk Swap again (after taking a few rounds off)

This is the inspiration board I made for my partner.  I'll be showing you fabric pulls and in progress shots soon!  (Must finish above quilt first!)

Pillow Talk Swap Inspiration
(click on the picture for links to inspiration pictures)

Harvest is in full swing! (would you guys like to see pictures from that?  To see what the heck it is I'm always whining talking about?)

Much love to you all!

Link up!  (I love reading all these reports) :)


sandra said...

I have so enjoyed watching your little girl grow this year she is such a cutie and so is her brother.
My birthday was yesterday and I reached the big 70. So a big Happy Birthday to Scarlet. Libras are the best people just look it up. I love Laura Gunn's fabric and will be looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with it. Blessings Sandra

Tammy said...

How in the world did that happen? I don't know where the year went. Cherish every moment!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

I like your inspiration board; I bet the pillow you get will be awesome!

My youngest daughter will be two in December. Time really does fly.

Jennifer said...

AH! Thats my retro flowers! You just made my day :)
happy birthday early to baby girl! shes gorgeous!

Erika :: Ollie & Olina said...

You've been busy! Scarlett's dress AND fabric is so adorable!!! I take it you did that?! And the linky love pattern is so cute...I might have to get that one!

Kristie said...

So much goodness in this post. Love Scarlet's dress! Enjoy her birthday and this milestone! And have my Linky love cut up and ready to roll as soon as I am finished up with my Ghastlies (hopefully this week). And I am drooling over the pillow swap mosaic.....

felicity said...

I can't believe she's almost 1 either! Wow! I would love to see photos from the harvest.

Katy Cameron said...

I'm totally in denial that it's October too, but happy birthday to Scarlet! Good luck with your list :o)

Kirsten said...

Scarlett looks so grown up in that pretty dress. And I love your PTS mosaic!

pinksuedeshoe said...

I love all of this. I went on a quilting/piecing rampage last month... I finished 5 quilt tops in September alone, and two since Oct. 1. I know. It's only the third... I refuse to do any sewing in December that is on a deadline!

alidiza said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby girl!!! They grow up so fast;-) Love all you've done in September and can't wait to see your latest Pillow swap!

Jenniffier said...

Such a cute dress! Thanks for hosting the link up.

Heidi Grohs said...

So slow, I forgot just three! I love it so much,


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