Friday, September 21, 2012

Treasure Boxes - cutting

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It's still Friday where I am!

What a week!

Harvest started this week... 'nuff said.  Good news is that it's the last crazy/busy season of the year, so I just have to make it until a little in to November.

Here are the cutting instructions for the Treasure Boxes Quilt Along.
This is our "assignment" for this week. :)  Add your pictures of your fabric!

treasure boxes cutting instructions copy

Here is a pdf of the cutting instructions.
*Please note: you can cut your squares at 8 7/8" instead of 9" if you prefer not to trim when done.

I hope these directions are pretty clear!  When I'm done with the Quilt along posts, I'm going to compile the graphics/pages in to a pattern that will be for sale with all proceeds to benefit Quilt Hope In.  So if you think you might want this pattern -- save/copy the file now. :)

And so this post isn't left without a pretty picture --

The little etsy shop Quilt Hope In had its first sale since re-opening.  I listed this little color wheel dresden I made; it sold and shipped off this week. yea!

If you would like to list something, email me with pictures, the price and all that jazz.  The payment goes directly to Heartline, so if you need compensation for shipping, please make sure to let me know, so an arrangement can be made with the buyer aside from their payment.

Anyway -- I gotta go to bed.

Much love to you all.

And I'm praying I adjust to the hubs working a lot again soon... quality time is my main love language, and I miss that big hunk... *sigh*  At least I'm not 37+ weeks pregnant or caring for a newborn this year... so there's that...


Brooke said...

Just so you don't feel hubby is harvesting too which is why I am up so early!!
Thanks so much for the cutting instructions...can't wait to get started!!
Just remember - one day at a time!

Kristie said...

This looks great, Tracey. Am going to cut one up to donate to my local Children's Hospital NICU this Christmas :)

Unknown said...

I am planning to participate in this quilt along. I don't have my background fabric yet. (hopefully tomorrow).
I want to make sure I am reading the directions correctly.
From the background we need a 24- 9 inch squares.
From each fat quarter we need 2 - 9 inch squares and 4 - 4.5 inch squares.

I will post a picture of my fabric as soon as I figure our how to do that.

Tracey Jacobsen said...

you got it Bethany! (P.S. your settings are set so I can't reply to you with an might want to change that)

Jeanne Gwin said...

I am participating and will donate one to my charity St. John's Hospital Baby Unit for the Christmas Baby this year. I cannot get the link to load on my site, it says "page not found" Let me know when it is fixed and I will add the button. Thanks

Katy Cameron said...

Aww, hope you survive the harvest!

Lindsey said...

I'm excited to get started. I've got stuff to make the charm version, now hopefully I can scrape together the time. =)

kmccalope said...

I plan on participating. I have been holding on to a package of Cottage Garden by Jill Gordon fat quarters that I think will work up beautifully for this project.


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