Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday - accessorizing

Pin It It's been busy around here!

First off, I finished my niece's big girl bed quilt.  It was a chore for sure!  I have to give a special thanks to my friend Amanda for all the help letting me use her machine to quilt it.

I won't show the whole thing yet, because my sister-in-law (and brother and nieces) are coming this Friday... and I want her to be a little bit surprised. :)

Accessories for niece's quilt

But I've been working on accessorizing the quilt.

Accessories for niece's quilt

So far, I've got a pillow case (think I'll do another, but with some white fabric and a pretty band), some scallops for bunting (need to crank out a few more), and a little throw pillow.

The pillow cover I made last night.

Accessories for niece's quilt

Steiger really likes the quilt, and tells me to take his picture whenever it's on the ground.

"Mommy, take my picture"


I've made some progress on my "Hospital" quilt.  

again, I need a design wall

Steiger "helping"


Finally, I'm working on accessorizing myself a little. 
I'm cursing cutting interfacing for this Birdie Sling bag currently.

Birdie sling WIP

I just love that Joel Dewberry Damask.



- Niece's big girl quilt

Others in progress - 
Triangle "Hospital" quilt ( more piecing done)
- "If it's a boy" quilt for baby and coordinating one for Steiger (piecing blocks) - nothing new, must prioritize (Steiger carries around the fabric and tells me to make him his quilt often)
Pickledish  (6 of 20 blocks done - hoping to make it King-sized) - stalled
Chubby Stars (1/5 of the top is done; many of the blocks are made - I'm taking this one with me on vacation to work on!) - still going to take it on vacation!
French General Schnibbles (needs borders - it's bigger than in that link) - stalled
Nicey Jane squares (needs backing, quilting, and binding) - might pull this one out this week, but I need to buy batting, so we'll see
Divas quilt (debating whether to make this any bigger) - stalled
Breakfast at Tiffany's Rob Peter (already basted!) - will undoubtedly quilt soon
Christmas quilt (debating a border, and needs backing)
- Boy version of Libby's quilt for Bake Shop - top is pieced!

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Letterpress said...

I decided to start from the highest number today, so I'm your first commenter! The baby quilt turned out darling, and although you do need a pin wall, how cute to have that shot of a sweet boy messing around in your fabric (hope you didn't kill him later).

I have the same damask from Dewberry--I was thinking a skirt or something, but I love seeing it all laid out, so maybe I'll have to steal it back from the clothing construction side of the shelves back over to quilting. Fabulous!

Elizabeth E.

Sara said...

I love accessorizing too:P Steiger is getting bigger;) Love that you are making a "hospital quilt" too. You are making progress don't worry;)

Pieces to Love said...

I'm not big on pink but I just love the quilt for your Niece, maybe it is the pattern but it looks great!

Lisa Ann said...

Lovely projects! I like them all so much esp the quilt for your niece. I found you through WIP Wed, love your blog!

Katie B. said...

I love your niece's quilt and the accessories! (And how big is S getting???)

FabricandFlowers said...

Your WIP list makes me feel good. Mine is similar. Sometimes it takes some a little stall time to figure out the next step. You have very pretty projects brewing.

Amy said...

very nice quilt and pillows. I use a design bed.. I lay the blocks out on my bed. hey, works for me.

Stormy Days said...

You know how I feel, don't you dare get a design wall unless you want that gorgeous model climbing it. The quilts are beautiful and I'm sure your niece is going to love all of what you made for her.

Wendy P said...

What's keeping you from making your design wall? A thick piece of foam board and some spray adhesive from HD or Lowes, extra wide white flannel and a few minutes is all it takes!

I bet your husband could even figure a way to fasten it to the wall horizontally so it is out of reach. Foam board is so light, and you can cut the size down to what suits you. You'll spend about $30 total.

SoSarahSews said...

I love the colors in the hospital quilt!

Melinda said...

Love the baby quilt! They're going to just love it as well!

Karen said...

Very pretty and so girly! I'm sure they will LOVE it.

Steiger is so funny and adorable, as usual.

Hope you're doing great!

Hugs, Karen

Catherine said...

Your hospital quilt is stunning - however - your nieces quilt is AMAZING - !! !! !!
How are the hospital plans coming along?? ?? ??


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