Friday, April 15, 2011

I wasn't going to miss this round.

Pin It I came to quilting too late to be able to get Flea Market Fancy for a reasonable price... and I wasn't going to let that happen again.

I signed in to flickr the other night, and saw people talking about the "new DS fabric," at JoAnn's of all places (that really did surprise me -- I too am a JoAnn's snob -- I go there for notions and batting, not fabric), but the stuff was too cute to thumb my nose at.

So in between my two appointments yesterday, and while Grandma was graciously watching Steiger, I snuck away to JoAnn's, and was thrilled to find 20 of the bolts from the DS Quilts Collection.

new DS quilts fabric

Sadly, I missed one of the blues -- I don't know if it wasn't there (sold out), or if I just missed it somehow...

Please don't tell my husband I went a little overboard.

You can tell him that I've got a couple of the Fairgrounds colorway listed in etsy if you're interested (SOLD).  (Sorry if the price seems high; the fabric is $10/yard, (I only had a couple coupons) -- + there's enough to cover the etsy fees.)

I do have all nine of this colorway.

Fairgrounds colorway

Here's the bundle.  And don't worry -- when I was cutting them, I compensated for JoAnn's scissor cutting ways, so you get the full eighteen inches width.

Fairgrounds FQ Bundle

There are two available at the moment, and I hope to cut more of the Picnic colorway (minus one sku) tonight or tomorrow.

Picnic colorway

But between finding this fabric, my big box of Pirate's Booty, and hearing a healthy little heartbeat yesterday, life is pretty good.

Oh, and it's Spring Break -- LOTS of make-up sewing to get done, and Spring cleaning!


Michelle said...

lucky you....I'm heading there now, I'll see what's left, I do have a couple of coupons in my purse. woo hoo :)

Kelli said...

I'm like you mate! I want in, this time round! :)
They are selling it here at spotlight (which is like your Joanns). I raced down there with my fingers crossed but no luck, Just found out we have to wait til end of May!!! Argh!
Hopefully it won't sell out too quickly!

Katie B. said...

Ahh, lovely! I scooped some up on Wednesday but I'm itching to get some more! Not that I have any plans for it...

Glad to hear the bambino is thriving!

Poppyprint said...

Happy news re: a lively little heartbeat. I'm trying to resist fabric-line-hype, but you and everyone else are making it really hard not to make a cross border shopping trip!

Michele said...

Love the fabrics! I won't tell!

Angie said...

Tracey, I had to run out today and get some of this myself! I am missing one of the green and blue multi colorway fabrics. Which blue are you missing? I can get it here and mail it to you!

Kristen said...

I had to!! I love the greens/blues! Can you say hexagons and Dresdens!? :) Enjoy vacation!


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