Friday, January 28, 2011

on Thursdays at Heartline...

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Oh please oh please do go read this post...


Quilt Hope In sold its first item. 

The grand opening of the shop (with giveaway prizes for people who want to make something to donate -- Email me a picture if you want to donate some fabric for the giveaway!) is Tuesday, February 1.

You know, Lee said it best a few weeks ago... the more I read about Heartline, the more I like it. 

I feel the same way.  I feel excited to be able to do our little part, as a united bloggy world, to help out.


Katie B. said...

Wow! That's a powerful post. So inspiring.

Megan said...

Love! I still have chills! Simply amazing.

Kelly said...

Let me know how I can help! I can donate some fabric or I have a finished quilt you may have if you want.

Angela said...

I just donated both of my finished quilts to the Queensland Flood Relief Victims...but the topic of children in Haiti is so near and dear to my heart. Our best friends, Caitlyn's godparents, adopted their daughter from Haiti and her sister and husband adopted a daughter and son from Haiti. I will definitely keep this in mind!!


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