Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The results are in...auction, giveaway, and diet.

Pin It First - Layer Cake Giveaway


Jenny said...

I am on Leah's newsletter list.

Congratulations Jenny!
Thank you for emailing me your info; I'll get it to Leah!  And thank you Leah (of Burgundy Buttons) for sponsoring this giveaway! :)

Next -- 

Julie had the winning bid for the Garden Stars and Stripes Table Runner.

Julie said...

Thank you for reminding me to remember and honor our country's brave men and women in the armed services. I bid 100.00 on the woven border runner.

Thank you Julie!
(I don't have a way to contact you... could you please email me your info?)

Last.  A certain little Steiger is now weaned. 
Those who told me breast-feeding would help me lose weight, lied.  (OK, I lost a good deal of it, but have been stuck for months...)
Now I can diet. 
The South Beach Diet for me...for now.
If I sound a little crazy, it's because I'll be restricting carbs for a couple weeks... don't worry, I'll be sensible.  But I am determined.
I'm telling you all as that little extra dose of accountability really helps.  I can't wait to report to you all that I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight.   

The real last -- 
I'm almost at 100 posts.  I've got something in store for you. 
I'll also report on my Spring to Finish results. :)


Natalia said...

Tracey! I totally get how you feel! I thought it would help me lose the baby weight but I didn't lose it all. :( Ahh frustrating. Good luck on the diet. I'm counting my calories right now and I'm determined to get rid of this baby weight! :)

Fuschia said...

I like the new header! So many beautiful quilts, and one beautiful boy. :D Good for you on the weaning; that was always such a relief for me, as un-nurturing as that may sound. And best wishes on the dieting.

Jenny said...

Thanks so much Tracey and Leah! so excited!!

ahhh! I NEVER lost weight breast feeding either! not a bit. Ive weaned my son (2 years) and been exercising every (mostly) morning with Wii personal trainer and you know what? weight STILL not coming off...but some inches are melting away...trying to be content with that!!

Diane said...

Just wanted to say how generous you are to have offered the giveaway and the table runner actuion. Kudos!!!

Good luck with the diet. I have been doing a high protien diet for the last 3 months and have lost almost 30 lbs so far... my baby turns 13 next month and I thought is was time to get rid of that baby weight :)

Kristen said...

BTW, they so lie about the BF! I love the new header too! Oh yeah...you remind me I need to start a diet too!

R. Eductil said...

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