Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For Me!?!

Pin It I got back from my little visit to OR on Monday, and this was waiting in the mail for me!

pillow talk pillow received!

I had mentioned in my little Pillow Talk Swap information email that I was working on a couch quilt in French General.

Holly, from Binkwaffle, made me the most gorgeous pillow to go with it!

made for each other

I almost cried when I opened it... it is so special to have someone you've never met go to so much work making something so gorgeous and special, and just for me. ;)


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

gorgeous pillow talk pillow

The back is pretty too.

the lovely back


In other news:

I reached 200 followers!  You know what that means... (giveaway coming soon)


AND I leave you with a little text conversation from my beloved (I think this is the first time he has texted me ever)


love your tanks for lunch

I love you too. :-)  And I love your tanks too. ;-)

Smarta**   not my fault auto complete sucks.

It made my stomach hurt I was laughing so hard.  Maybe you had to be there.


Trisha said...

That pillow is gorgeous! All that red is so yummy. I would have nearly cried too. The first time I did a swap I got all teary because I couldn't believe someone would make something so beautiful for me.

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

It is darling! I love it and I love your bliss sign above your couch! :)

Amy said...

Pretty pillow! Too funny on the texting. My phone has auto complete. it's given me a few moments as well. LOL

Caroline ~ TrilliumDesign said...

WOW That is truly gorgeous!

Fuschia said...

Not that I know anything about someone you've never met sending you something wonderful in the mail...but, the pillow is lovely!!

And I seriously laughed at the text! My auto complete turns "Brooke" into "Arnold"...we just go with it. ;)

Kelly said...

I bet your have fantastic tanks! LOL!!!!

That pillow is gorgeous! I'm so jealous!

Cherie said...

Love the pillow! And love the text! My husband and I always laugh at what auto correct comes up with :)

Tamara said...

wow... how pretty and thoughtful! lol on the text message my bf has sent some funny emails because he is the king of typos!

shelia said...

I'm out and out jealous! GORGEOUS!! you are a lucky duck :)

AllieKatMom said...

This is beautiful!

Sarah Craig said...

Beautiful pillow and lucky you to have such an attentive and talented swap partner! And I can commiserate on the auto complete - my iPod does that too and it can come up with some really weird stuff!

Luv 2 Kreate said...

That pillow is simply beautiful!

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

that pillow is stunning!

a little bit biased said...

That is SO sweet and so beautiful. You're one lucky lady!

KarrieLyne said...

Love that pillow!!! I'm so jealous. I'm still waiting for mine :(

Your text messaging from hubs made me laugh!! So funny! I hate that auto complete sometimes, but it does leave room for bloopers :)

Marcia said...

Wow! That was a great swap! You are one lucky gal!

Poppyprint said...

WOWSA! That is a fabulous pillow. I know what you is so special when someone goes the extra mile to do a little bit of research and figure out the perfectly perfect thing to make for you!!

Cute convo, too. tanks for sharing.

Maria said...

Gorgeous cushion ( I would call the pillow you put your head on to sleep a pillow (and a cushion is what would go on the chair or sofa) what do you call that ?), and the text made me laugh too :)

Julie Rutter said...

Brilliant cushion/pillow! It will look lovely with your quilt. That text must have had you chuckling all day. Juliex

Diane said...

Pillow is lovely as is your quilt in progress. Full keyboard is clutch for texting :)


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