Friday, June 11, 2010

Doll Quilt swap 9 - Dear Partner

Pin It Here's my Inspiration mosaic!

DQS9 Inspiration

1. Doll Quilt Swap 8, 2. the back - full shot, 3. Lila's Quilt - Front, 4. scrappy crazy quilt, 5. dqs8 received, 6. Little Bouquet Quilt Along, 7. My Doll Quilt from katiejeanbags, 8. Circular logic ~ PTS3, 9. quilt dreams for spiced coffee, 10. option 3 raw edge DQS8, 11. Scrap block for Dorrie, 12. If it's a boy quilt - front, 13. Bridie's Zig Zag Quilt, 14. ruffle quilt, 15. tick tock, 16. Marion's Puppy, 17. Summer Bling quilt, 18. picking up the pieces 1, 19. Half Square Triangle Quilt, 20. Double Wedding Ring Quilt, 21. French General Pumpkin Seed, 22. dqs8 ALSO made by Nanci, received!, 23. Finished Cushion, 24. in a world full of quilts, 25. finished and all quilted

As you can see, I like circles, and circular things.  And I also love HSTs in a diamond design.

I think I will put your quilt in my sewing room area, so fun and colorful and handmade would be wonderful!

I love value quilts, and linen mixed with solids or pretty prints.

I'm not usually wild about zig-zags or what I think of as harsh geometry, but if it has the cool value/tonal changes like the one in the middle, then I love it!

I think of myself as sort of a happy blend between modern and traditional.  So have fun!


Rafael's Mum said...

Love your mosaic! Number 10 is the quilt I received in DQS8, it's from Marianne Penner and it is proudly hanging in my sewing room! It's lovely!!

Maria said...

Those are great, I like the crazy scrappy quilt, I wanted to do this swap, but it was something else I didn't find out about until to late ! :)

Diane said...

Thats a heck of a lot of insiration!

Mary said...

So many great picks! I love #21!

Poppyprint said...

Nice mosaic!! I'm so lucky, number 26 is mine!! I received it from Nanci in DQS8.

Julie Rutter said...

These are great. Lots there that I love and that little dog is very cute. Juliex

Fuschia said...

Yet another thing for you to teach me...photoshop! lol

I see a lot of "girly" fabric there. ;)

a little bit biased said...

Wow - that's one talented group! Those quilts are beautiful! Just lovely!

Cat B said...

Where do I find out about all of these lovely swaps?
Love your choices here.

Trisha said...

Love your choices! I am so excited about the swap!!


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