Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm getting desperate.

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Setting: Home, in the evening, repeated a few times over the previous months

Me: "Honey, I'm buying too much fabric; you need to tell me to stop."

Mr. Jay: "It's OK... if it makes you happy."

Me: "It does, but I have enough, and I need to quit buying more.  Please tell me to stop."

Mr. Jay: "I trust you; it's not like you're going to drive us in to the ground or anything." 

Me: /doubting his words as he says them

Seeing that I was married to a complete enabler, I knew I had to take matters in to my own hands.  So I made a deal with myself:

I could only buy fabric if:
- I sold something (a quilt most likely)
- it was for a commissioned project
- Someone gave me money designated for it (it is my birthday in a couple weeks)
- I earned it some other way (guest blogging/design, etc.)

I immediately got started on a project I could send out the design for, but I can't sew as fast as I want to shop!

And I got desperate.

Yes, I am that girl.

I haven't got it all rolled yet, but I will... and my itchy, clicky fingers will once again be satisfied.  I have collected this money mostly from the tips my husband has left me in the laundry over our three some years of marriage (he has a problem cleaning out his pockets).  I believe this satisfies the, "I earned it some other way" requirement.

In other news, here's a little peek at something I'm working on... you *might* see this show up in a certain bake shop soon. 


Natalia said...

I totally get how you feel! It's a bad addiction! :)

Jamie said...

Steiger...hide your piggy bank fast!

Fuschia said...

When I saw the image in my reader, I thought it WAS Steiger's piggy bank! Hahaha!

I think I must be the enabler in our family because my stash is not nearly intervention-worthy. ;)

Bev said...

Hello! Just trying to find you because you won our giveaway for free fabric and didn't leave your email address. I can't find it anywhere. If you will email me with your mailing address, I'll send your fabric! My email is Thanks and cheery wave from Bev

Brenda said...

hahaha! The first time I rolled up my husband's "laundry" tips I had over one hundred dollars! I still have them saved after over ten years, still in rolls. They make me smile...who knew you could "get rich" from tips! LOL!
Oh, BTW... I have never told him how much $$$ he left for me that first year, hahaha!

elisa024 said...

LOL! I love you Tracey. And you are lucky to be married to an enabler ;)

Burgundy Buttons said...

and NOW I know what to get you!


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