Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday - 6.5.13

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block WIP for a friend

These pretty blocks will be going to a friendship quilt for a mama who is in the midst of some really rough times.  A group of friends and I are hoping they will bring her some comfort!

The color inspiration was this palette from design-seeds.  So pretty!
The block tutorial is from Elizabeth at Don't Call me Betsy.

I've also got these WIPs on my counter.  I call it my "fermentation station."  A few months ago, I learned about the benefits of lacto-fermented veggies, and good bacteria and am really enjoying it!  And Scarlet LOVES the pickles and beets!  (they're also my favorites).  I've got yogurt culturing, water kefir grains fermenting, and pickles, beets, and sauerkraut going.  The water kefir grains are amazing because they make this delicious sparkling soda drink that is much more palatable for me than kombucha. :)

Here's to good bugs!  (Read more about lacto-fermenting here)

Fermentation station

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Martha said...

the colors of those blocks are lovely. You are going to make that mom very happy and comforted.

Katy Cameron said...

Loving the palette you've chosen for the blocks :o)

Stephanie said...

That palette is just lovely - I'm going to have to pin that for future use! Those blocks will make a beautiful quilt :)

Deb said...

Dear Tracey,
Your blocks are lovely. I am curious about your yogurt making process. Would you please let me know how long you process it in your crockpot? Are you using whole milk? Thanks in advance! I have tried making yogurt a few times with limited success (it was very thin).


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