Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chubby Stars top FINALLY!

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I am both really curious, and kind of frightened to go back and see how long this WIP has been a WIP.

Chubby Stars top

I don't know if I want to look.

But I do LOVE the quilt top.  ♥  So proud that after all this time I still really love this quilt.  It's not as big as I originally intended, but it's awesome.  And will be gorgeous on the couch or my side of the bed or in the stack of quilts that Scarlet will have to choose from for her bedroom.  I'm working on the backing now and hope to finish soon! ("soon" being a very loose/relative term)

I am VERY open to quilting suggestions.  Right now I'm leaning towards all over free motion loops.

For info on making your own, go here.

P.S. My apologies for being such a terrible Quilt Along hostess.

P.P.S. I'm destashing if you want to look.  Hoping to add more listings here soon.

P.P.P.S  If you'd like to vote for the Scrappy Sprouts quilt in the Blogger's Quilt Festival, you can go here.

Chelsa also wrote a beautiful post about receiving her quilt if you'd like to read it! ♥


Svetlana said...

love those chubby stars, it's so pretty.

Katy Cameron said...

Sorry, no quilting ideas, but good luck!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty quilt. I love the cool summery colours! please tell me what prints you used? x

traceyjay said...

Thank you Susan!

Most of the prints are from the Nicey Jane collection by Heather Bailey!

Anonymous said...

Many thanx for your swift reply! PS - cant wait to start your cosmic quilt, downloaded it last week. Your work inspires me....all the way to the tip of Africa!

Tatkis said...

Wonderful quilt! Looks so lovely - colours are just perfect!


Kathryn D. Duke said...

enjoyed reading through your posts...great profile...I've kinda done the same!!


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