Monday, January 23, 2012

Resolved to sew 2012

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Very Berry Handmade is hosting a giveaway, with a prompt that asks us to tell our 2012 Sewing Resolutions.

And here they are -- 
Last year, I hadn't sewn hardly a thing that we kept.  Thankfully, I managed to turn that around last year, despite being less productive* than I was the year before (go figure huh?)  

*this is referring to quilts; I was re-productive in other ways

The bottom two quilts were the only ones in the pile made prior to last year, and I have since added a quilt for myself, two for Scarlet, a big boy quilt for Steiger, and another for Daddy.  My next goal is to get a quilt for our bed (the only time I don't love having a King-sized bed). ;)

family quilts

Which leads me to my next two sewing resolutions...
The quilt top pictured behind/above that stack will go on our bed (only needs borders and backing), and will also be my first pattern.  I'm making the cover pattern in Rouenneries Deux, and have all the blocks nearly ready to sew together in rows.  I'm calling it "French Kisses."  Just because.

Designs have literally been popping in to my head while I nurse Scarlet in the wee hours of the morning.  I just need to learn how to use EQ more effectively, or some kind of drawing/diagramming program.

With all these new ideas forming though, I also resolve my "bucket list."  

You see those smaller buckets on that shelf... 

...and here, above my hutch  --> 

 Yep, those are my bucket projects.  They are in various stages of piecing, and though they might not speak to me the same way they did before, I am resolved to finish up one a month.  Or at least that's my goal.  

I really, really want to finish this one - Chubby stars progress

and this one:
pickledish project

I am also resolved to start a little garment sewing.  I changed my mind a little on my fabric choices for Scarlet's "Baby in the Hood" jacket... these will be even better.  I do want to make a practice version so I can see what size I need though... 

With all these plans, perhaps at least part of this post should be called Resolved (not) to Sew 2012...

The truth is, I have these two little creatures, one of whom calls me "Mom," and the other one who believes that 9 pm is time for a cat-nap, and not time to go to bed for the night.  Scarlet's sleep is dramatically improving, but still, babies don't always keep schedules, and two-year olds don't always want to nap.

I need to remember that.

I think my husband would also like it if I didn't let the laundry pile grow too high. Or I fed him... at least most of the time.
*sigh*  Sometimes it's hard to let go of all the projects I want to get done.

But I do need to remember to.

with love,

(Oh, and as far as the giveaway goes -- The Sumersault is pretty cute... but so is the rest of it... and as you can see, I don't need new fabric)


Karen said...

Amazing stash in your hutch! Love your UFOs too!

Steiger and Miss Scarlet look so cute in this picture!

Take care!

Hugs, Karen

♥Duff said...

you score extra points for *re-producing!
you totally crack me up!! Now get going on that bucket're so brave to admit it...

Poppyprint said...

Definitely you've got two of the most important projects going there, Mama. And I'm talkin' about the ones that don't require binding, but rather an endless supply of Cheerios. I'm looking forward to seeing your first pattern come together. I know whatever you make will be gorgeous, especially in R2!!

Library Gal Quilts said...

Those kiddos look so cute. Look how much Scarlet has grown already. It's funny no matter how old you are what is going on in your family, there is never enough time to sew, clean, rest, laugh, feed, clean, etc. But isn't it just great that we have all of this to do and the quilts we make get done in spite of it all! You are doing great. And your quilts are truly wonderful. xo

Tyra @ SilverLily Sews said...

Lovely! I love the double wedding ring especially:)

Sarah Craig said...

Great list! Two things I've learned lately that might help you - even if Lilli doesn't "want" to nap, I've convinced her to stay in her bedroom and rest until an alarm goes off. She can read, sing, play with her buddies in her bed, etc. but she can't get out of bed or her room until the alarm goes off. Usually she ends up going to sleep anyway! And I found out in the past six weeks that if I do a load of laundry every time I get a full load (for us that's usually every other day or so) and only do one load at a time, it's really easy to get it washed, dried, folded and put away! Much less intimidating than baskets and baskets of laundry. Thank heaven for Shout color catchers - it lets me wash all the colors and whites in together!!

Julie said...

What a list and what a lot of project buckets - makes me feel a lot better about my UFOs, thanks!
Steiger and Scarlett are looking wonderful. Hope she keeps improving sleep-wise.....Katie isn't great but does at least accept 7.30-ish as bedtime now. Juliex


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