Friday, May 13, 2011

I miss sewing...

Pin It First off -- thank you for all the lovely Birthday and Mother's Day wishes!  Jay didn't get any time off really, but Steiger was in a good mood all Mother's Day, and would tell me "Happy Mother's Day" as if, on cue, any time I started to feel too sorry for myself.

S & Mommy on Mother's Day

I'm trying... desperately, to get Jay's Urban Lattice Quilt done.  I've got 6 days before the Quilt Blogger's Festival is over, and I wanted to have it done by then. :(

can't it quilt itself?

But these long lines are killing me (though they look awesome).

If I get a spare minute (which seems rare), I'm usually outside with Steiger, or cleaning, or cooking, or reading (just started on Harry Potter #7 again)...
In all fairness, Steiger was trying to help me out on my birthday, by vacuuming for me.

But really, I'm doing well, just tired.  Jay's alarm goes off at 5 to 5:30 every morning, and I can't fall back to sleep on the days I'm working (or am rudely awakened by crop-dusters buzzing my rooftop).  To give some perspective, the hubs worked 96 hours last week... and it was his fourth in a row of weeks like that.

OK -- Enough complaining... maybe... ;)

Yesterday, Steiger and I had doctor appointments.  All was well for both of us (well, all three of us actually), but Mommy made the mistake of trying to go to her local quilt shop's retiring sale with a baby who had just had 2 shots.  He usually does pretty well while I'm at the fabric store... not yesterday.

I managed to sneak these out the door before he completely melted down.

Some dots.


Some voile.


and some assorted pretties.

some random pretties

Here's to getting that quilt done!  (Though I have been taking today to work in the garden... with my hubs who took the day off.  While I was typing this, I had to go wake him up off the floor of my son's room, because he fell asleep too while he was putting Steiger down for his nap... I guess I'm not the only tired one here). ;)


Sarah Craig said...

Hi, Tracey! That's such a wonderful picture of you and Steiger!! And I know what you mean about the long lines - I love the look but it seems like they take forever!!

Funny you mention HP7 - my hubby and I are listening to it again as we drive for our vacation - such a great book!

Glad to hear all of you are doing so well. Good luck getting the quilt done and I'll be watching for it on the BQF!

Lee said...

Oh, hang in there! My husband also worked like a gazillion hours a week while I was pregnant with #2. It really was exhausting. So I feel for you and I know how difficult it is! Good luck finishing your Urban Lattice quilt, it's looking great.

Jenn said...

haha I just woke up from a nap before I read this. Came home from work to join my husband who is still napping. His work day starts at 3am, so he survives on naps. I couldn't imagine 96 hour work weeks. I'd miss him for sure. Sounds like you are busy busy, keep your "you" time scheduled in there and enjoy it.

Katie B. said...

96 hours a week!? I know that's hard on the whole family. I hope it improves soon and you can get in some much-deserved sewing time!

pinksuedeshoe said...

Wow. That is crazy! Your stack of pretties sure are pretty though! Glad you at least got to sneak those out before major meltdown time. Today we had two friends come into my quilt shop with 5 kids between them. And boy was that mom prepared. She had snacks and treats and toys for all of them and they sat in a circle on the floor playing and eating for 30 minutes. It was incredible to behold!

Kristen said...

Those types of hours are brutal! I am glad you are are feeling well. We always seem to fall asleep trying to get Zoe to take nap. We too lie on the floor to make sure she doesn't escape and wander all over the house unattended! :) I finally finished a quilt for the festival and hope you do too!!

Catherine said...

I hope those hours don't go on forever. I feel your pain hun I really do. The digger turned up to excavate our front lawn ready for the house extension the day I we found out I was pregnant with Tsunami - Mr B built the extension himself, so would work all day then come home and built our house. It was tiring ;'( Lately he also has been working away from home a lot. He came home the other night to be met by Tsunami "Hi Daddy you staying long on this visit" - it broke his heart ;'(
I LOVE that photo of you and Steiger.
Take CARE of all of you xxx and especially you and that little bundle xx

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

Oh my 96 hrs in one week! CRAZY! I can't wait to see your finished quilt, I think the straight line quilting always looks awesome! :)

Manda said...

Thats crazy hours!
Good luck getting your quilt finished I'm sure those long lines will be worth it in the end!

Mommarock said...

I had (at one time) a great tutorial on how to do bindings.. and it used that blue tool that you show in your photo.. to do the corners perfectly.. I don't do bindings well.. and I would like to. Hopefully, I can find this tool.. (what is it called?) and hopefully I can do a binding better! Isn't it the corners and the connecting for everyone that is the issue?

Anonymous said...

ughhhh!!!! Poor Jay!!! And YOU!!!! Let's get together Tuesday! I'm antsy to get out of the house, I'll come over!!!! I'm excited to see you & sew!

AllieKatMom said...

I know what you mean. I have been busy too. Spring tends to do that to me :) Happy belated birthday and I love that pic of you and S!

Meghan said...

Ilove that picture of you two! He is sooooo stinking cute :)!!!! Happy belated birthday/mother's day! I feel so out of if not having internet for 3 weeks lol!


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