Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WIP Wednesday - I should be sewing binding or siggy blocks.

Pin It But I'm not! Though I am really excited for when Steiger's quilt will be completely finished, now that it has been quilted by the lovely Natalia at piece 'n quilt, I started something new. A main part of that reason is that cutting and ironing are quiet, and the baby is sleeping... which is something he didn't do very well last night.

And, though I have 56 of these done, I still have 45 to go! (They're for Rachel's Modern Siggy Swap) And they're due soon!

This will be a quick post... but I've been designing something for a sweet little someone with what I ordered on Super Bowl Sunday, and showed up in the mail yesterday.


It was inspired by this.

I drew the layout last night, and the fabric is now all ironed, cut, and sorted, and I've got the first couple rows sewn.
I think I'm gonna like it.

Last week I organized my stash. It was so fun actually... I wish I liked organizing other things this much. Steiger *helped.*
I'm ending with some snippets from my quilty to-do list.

- Find out from SIL her preferences for Cooper's Wheels quilt
- Piece backing for Rouenneries couch quilt
- Decide on quilting and quilt
- Bind Steiger's quilt
- Bind Owls and Raccoons quilt
- Finish siggy blocks


Robin said...

What a fun looking new project! I wish my quilty to-do list was so small. Too many projects, too little time! :)

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Oh, I know...if there was only MORE time in our days to doing something fun, creative, and crafty.

I can't wait to see your "new" project.

Do you have an ETSY shop? You could totally sell your beautiful quilts!

jaybird said...

ohh siggy blocks.. i still have like 20 to go!!


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