Monday, November 17, 2008

To find out... or not to find out...

Pin It Monday, I have my "big sono." I'll be just a smidge shy of 19 weeks...

And I still don't know whether or not to peek at the baby. :(
I want to... Jay doesn't.

I believe that births are kind-of anti-climactic for everyone else when they already know the gender, BUT I think the pregnancy will be more exciting for me if I know. BUT Jay doesn't want to know. I hate the feeling that I'm robbing him of something.

If he didn't read me so well, we might have the option of me finding out and him not, but he doesn't want that more than he doesn't want to know.

I am so torn. I wish there was a way I could find out without feeling guilty. I wish we agreed.

He has agreed to find out for me, but again, he doesn't want to.



Cathy said...

I bet that your husband will be happy to know what to expect. Plus, he and you can start calling the baby by the proper gender!

Tracey said...

Jay is usually happy when I am happy (and cooking). :) I'm going to have to make sure I'm excited... I really really want to get everything ready WITH him... which we be impossible until July!


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