Thursday, November 13, 2008

a little more than chubby

Pin It On Monday, Jay and I were in Chico, and standing across from a little girl in the clothing table section. I'd guess her to be about four years old.

As we were browsing opposite ends of the clothing display, I overheard her say, "Mommy, that lady's going to have a baby." I smiled as her mom shushed her quickly. Apparently my status was more obvious to the little one than to her mommy.

At my last doctor appointment, the scale showed a gain of 7 pounds over 5.5 weeks. BUT -- that was due to the fact that I was wearing shoes, jeans, a sweater, and other under layers. At my previous doctor visit, I wore a sundress and flip-flops. He gave me a bit of a warning to watch my weight gain, and I was quite irked, to say the least. What man hasn't learned that you don't scold a woman about her weight? ;)

I think I was irked because I was finally feeling good about the fact that I was eating real food again, in normal quantities! I've been worried about my previous eating, which wasn't exactly balanced, due to the fact that so many random items made me gag and yak.

So I told him it was the shoes. Which I am NOT wearing at my next weigh-in. :)

PS. I've only gained 8 pounds over the last 17 weeks... on my scale, which I weigh myself on in the morning.

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Cathy said...

That is such a cute story. Post another pic!


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