Wednesday, July 23, 2014

wip Wednesday - Pretty star

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I need a name for this block pattern I'm working on for the SewLux Christmas tutorials with SewLuxFabric.

It will be up tomorrow morning... right now, the top contender is "Pretty Star." :)

I had a different plan, but this felt more inspired. 

I do not love paper piecing, so I needed to test the pattern to write it up, and figure out the cutting sizes, etc. 
I had this pretty stack I was really anxious to use...

Gah! See??? Pretty star. :)

It took me 3 quadrants to get measurements I was happy with, so I would only need to cut once. :)

Now to stitch it up in this pile! See you tomorrow morning! :)


Cille said...

Wow... It's going to be greatDespite being a bit of a pain paper piecing does look fantastic :)

Sigi G said...

To me it looks like a 'Little Star Bright'. Very pretty indeed!

Jacque said...

I adore this block. It reminds me so much of those expandable sphere toys (

So, playing on their words, what about something like "expanding star" or "star explosion"? Or, combine it with the origins of the 8-point star and call it something like "explosion compass" or "direct to you".

em's scrapbag said...

I don't like paper piecing either. The star is pretty though.

Christine S said...

Oh that star is pretty!

Julie said...

Spinning Wheel Star... it looks like a Ferris Wheel to me ... you know me I would go with something funny like Bueller... it is pretty!

Paul Frank said...

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