Thursday, March 7, 2013

oh I know Jack.

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- still time to link up to this month's "Just Three" goals (I was a little late)...

I've been working on a custom quilt for a little guy who's Steiger's age.

I drafted this Union Jack, and it will be a focal point on a modified Bricks in Bloom type quilt in a twin size.

It took a bit of ripping, and a few re-starts, but I got it!  (though the red is a bit thin)

Union Jack

I paper-pieced the outer quadrants, and had to draw my lines on the back to stitch -- knowing that, would you all like a copy of this pattern?  I'd have to clean it up a bit, but would be willing to share.

And a big thanks to my Steiger for holding the block for a picture. :)

my little helper


Gill said...

This is fabulous!!
I'd love a copy of the pattern!

Happier Than A Bird Quilts said...

It's so great!
Hubby and I were talking about how to make one just the other night, so I'd really love a copy.

Katy Cameron said...

Glad you got it worked out :o) You got the offset white diagonals anyway, which is the main thing

BossyOz said...

This is what I made for the book, although with RIBBONS (not paper piecing), which may now not get published due to the publisher going into administration :-( Would love a pattern!

Anonymous said...

It is excellent and I love that you created "Jack"! I would love a copy of your pattern. Good job!


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