Monday, December 3, 2012

December - Just Three!

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Here we are... the last month of the year...

My report -- last month's goals:

1) Finish Pickledish
Not done -- but still looking good. :)

2) Finish Treasure Boxes 

I have the top done!  I'll be getting the link up for prizes up and ready very soon... so watch for it!  If you'd like to donate your Quilt to "Quilt Hope In" (benefits go to Heartline ministries in Haiti, who run a sewing education center as well as birthing center) -- just email me at traceyjay at gmail dot com, and I will get it listed.  

Treasure Boxes Quilt top

3) Learn to knit!  Amanda is coming over tomorrow!  yea!

I have learned the basic knit and purl... but haven't practiced enough to finish anything.  But I get the general idea!


This month's goals:

1) Really finish Treasure Boxes, and donate! ♥

2) A couple custom orders.

Red Sox for Harrison

I have this one for baby Harrison up first.  They wanted a re-make of a quilt I made for my cousin's baby, with a Red Sox theme.  I was so happy with how the letters turned out (because I draw them by hand based on the Red Sox font).

I'll also be working on this girly one... so cute, no?

Princess quilt

3) And my most important goal this month -- to help give my babies a Merry Christmas...and the big guy too.  ♥ ♥ 

RULES -- Pick three goals for the month, and link up here! (You can do more than three if you prefer... I'm flexible like that... and goodness knows I have more than 3 things I'd like to accomplish this month!) :)

Linking to Fabric Tuesday! and WIP Wednesday!


Karen said...

You've been busy! Good for you.

Say its not true....Scarlet walking!!! They grow SO fast!

Hugs, Karen

Janessa said...

where is the beautiful cinderella type fabric from? From the girly bottom picture? Thanks!

Kirsten said...

Your Treasure Boxes quilt is lovely!

alidiza said...

I've got something planned with AH Once Upon a Time also:-) It was too cute to resist!!! Hope you have a very merry holiday:-)

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

You did a great job on those letters. Hooray for you!

Suburban Stitcher said...

Wow! Great quilt...and totally jealous that you're close enough to the MsPorkchop herself to knit together!!!! Have fun!

Unknown said...

The Red Sox quilt is adorable! Lucky little Harrison!

Anonymous said...

The girly quilt is sure to be lovely! Great fabric!

Cindy said...

Love the girly fabrics. Looks like a lovely quilt is about to be created!

Megan @ MiaDolceOriginals said...

great goals, especially the last one :) and I just love the fabrics you pulled for the girly quilt - can wait to see how it comes together!

Mandy said...

oh good luck with the knitting! You'll be fine! Really! Just have fun with it!

Elle said...

Thanks for your just 3 series...I'm hoping it gives me the incentive I need to get some things done this month! :)


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